Are you a James Bond fan aswell as Batman?


May 24, 2007
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I find that there are alot of Bat-Fans who're also James Bond fans. They tend to identify with another hero who uses gadgets it seems. Even though the 2 are so different.

I'm a Bat-Bond fan myself.
Meh, being British I of course identify with Bond a bad place of a lot, it's almost impossible not too, he's rammed down our throats. I like the films, but I don't consider myself a fan in the way i'm a fan of Batman.
I'm a fan of the movies. I grew up watching the Bond flicks, my Dad loves 'em. I dont really like Bond because of any similarities tho, I just think Bonds cool. lol Except for Lazenby and Brosnan.
Sorry but god no!
I'm from England btw, but i can't stand James Bond. Never have been able to.
Yes but not because of any Batman similarity but because I found the Connery movies genuinely entertaining enough as a kid to get into the James Bond literature.
I'm a Bond and Batman fan.

But the gadgets really don't have anything to do with it....
I am

I love Batman because i grew up watching the cartoon and seeing the movies, and buying the action figures, but i never read many of the comics so outside of the hollywood Batman there's a lot about Batman i probably dont know, from the comics at least.

Bond i've seen every movie also. Love the series. There's probably very little about the movies i dont know.
I grew up with four franchises: Bond, Batman, Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I'm proud to say I'm still a fan of all. Though I'd rank them like so: 1. Batman, 2. Star Wars, 3. Bond, 4. Turtles
Being British, James Bond get's shown alot, I prefer the older movies, I didn't much care for casino royal or golden eye and so fourth...
I'm definitely a bat-bond fan, always have been, always will be.

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