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Art required for a project...could be willing to pay...


Jun 18, 2004
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I'm a Student, interested in making a few short/long films. I require the talent of a trusting fantastic artist to help me create comic style posters...of totally original character. I will supply close contact and references in what I am looking for when the time comes..

For now I am hoping artists that can create highly detailed pictures at high resolutions to post me samples of their work, so we can choose a style to aim for... I would like to know how much one would charge for such work and how long it would take on average...also if they would be willing to keep contact with me, perhaps develop a friendship in the future for other projects...
Count me in

Heres my IM addresses so we can discuss it at length

AIM - DediblindeyeJedi

Yahoo - Deadeye_blindswordsman2000




PM me and I'll show you a few other things

Alternatively please look at the "Does anyone do Fanart requests here" thread by Silver sable

My contest thread "Deadeyes Amalgam comics challenge"

Being an ex-pro artist I am still committed to providing professional service
and i like working closely with clients who enjoy a hands on approach to working on comic work

My clients become my friends

I also do 3D models, figurines, badges and action figures - suitable for promotional material

I have my art all over those

Look forward to hearing from you soon


Deadeye Knight:up:
That is some sharp stuff man...I was just curious...I have yet to develop or finish writing the scripts....it will take time before a finished product is made...but I would like it to look as professional as possible.
Well You can do worse than me my friend

True - I am not the fastest nor the best here in fanart

But what I give to you with the work you've seen here, is professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm by the boatload

And I am probably one of the most patient dudes here when it comes to commission work and changing things - tailoring them to a clients need

And since your still in preproduction we have the time to work together to get a finished piece ready
I'm conducting research at the moment...it will most likely be a couple of years before I ask on your services...until then though we will be establishing a better understanding of what we are looking for.
Fine by me my man

PM or IM me some time within that period

I'll await the call

I got a lot of commissions to get thru already and my own Comicwork - I write too
Marvel may be interested in my Ghostrider/Punisher cross
You couldn't direct me to a website with most of your work? Does anyone else have some art experience they may be interested for freelance, to create comic covers, posters of new characters?
You should check around the boards here in fan art and see who's art you like.
Wow, its a close call, guess you guys are going to have to fight to impress me here.
Update on this project. I have interviewed several actors, including Elijah Wood, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Kenney Baker, Roger Lloyd Pack, Nathon Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Alan Oppenheimer. Jerry Robinson - creator of the Joker character.

I am still wondering if there are more artists wanting to illustrate this project? The main focus is on how close technology is to creating a real superhero. The kind of adventures they would face and the type of psychology and philosphy required.
I would like to apply for the position. I have some art for reference, but I think the most productive course to take would to be to use your imagination. Aside from your project, I ask you to think of a poster, off of the top of your head, and explain it in every detail you wish. If you were to do so, I would have no problem taking time out of my schedule to create what you have thought up to be my application.
Take a look through my sigg and contact me if it is what you are looking for.

Short and simple.
Actually, since your on the topic of movies, here's a quick Joe Pesci I did recently.
I am interviewing a scientist later today, to discuss his research into artificial muscles.

I will propose the idea of a SUPERMAN FIBRE SUIT








spring-loaded boots
petrol-powered piston-punching

Perhaps a poster based on these images with the ideas mentioned above.
Well I have some stuff in mind and a couple of rough sketches. How is this deal gonna work exactly? Assuming your interested in my sketches, then again, you haven't named or pmed me, so should I assume you chose another artist?
I have not chosen anyone yet. What ideas do you propose? Well the deal, if any is I will reference the artist, chosen. If money is made from the documentary, a percentage could go towards them.
Just recently interviewed two people involved in hydrogen peroxide jet pack technology. They have both flown it. It works, but only for a few seconds due to the weight of the fuel required.

Does anyone here, make comic book panels etc...?

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