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Atlantis Vs Themyscira - Aquaman/Wonder Woman in ONE Film


Sep 24, 2005
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So instead of stuffing all those heroes into one film, why not take the two that are the most removed from the rest which are similar in many ways and have a movie about their lore joined? The Amazon vs the Atlanteans. You could have WW and AQ as the prince/princess of their respective kingdoms, or one is in power in the Kingdom and the other is second in command of the other kingdom, or both are in power and head to war with each other. Ares could be behind it all or something.

There's a lot that could be done with it. Think something like Lord of the Rings cross Thor. In the end the two of them could have some sort of an alliance.

It could easily introduce their backdrops without coming off as too dry, and doing it together won't seem too repetitive (as opposed to two separate films) and trying to explain their backstories in addition to the rest of the JLA in the JLA movie would be tough.
Theres less story potential to combine their worlds. I'm not even interested in a story about Themyscira and Atlantis going to war. I'd rather see a movie with WW facing off against Ares and Cheetah and an Aquaman movie with him facing Orm and Black Manta.

I want to see the supporting casts of both characters, with a team up/vs movie theres less development of the characters.

I'd be down for this if there were already movies about Aquaman and WW.

Some people suggest Green Lantern and Flash team up for a movie, I'd be more interested in that than a WW/Aquaman movie but still not that interested.. I think these characters would work best if theyre fleshed out in their own films

If WB is going to release a team up movie it better be World's Finest!
Well the backdrop would be the war, but the story would revolve around Aquaman and WW respectively.
That's the problem though. You're taking two characters (Aquaman and Wonder Woman) who for the most part aren't engrained in culture outside of cartoons and comics and putting them together in a movie to fight each other.

It honestly wouldn't work, and I am sorry but it doesn't make sense.

Rorshach is right they need to have their own movies (or in WW case should be in Trinity which would the sequel to Worlds Finest) and expand their own worlds before bringing them together. Especially if they're going to go to war with each other.

And in the course of that single movie you'd have to explain who the characters are, what's the difference between their worlds, why are they at war, who's behind it, how are they going to solve it, and what happens afterward. That's a lot for one movie featuring characters who haven't done blockbusters before.

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