Age of Extinction Autobot Army - Large Battle Scene


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Jan 29, 2004
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What are your thoughts?

Near the end of the movie, Starscream and his massive reinforcements or some All-spark residual device create/bring a large number of Decepticons, maybe 20-30... things are going bad for the final act until 15 autobots rain from the sky for the final epic battle.

MASSIVE scale battle, everyone's favorite Autobots (and Decepticons) get a cameos and are seen in combat, if not speaking/yelling, and we can set up for a more profound Unicron Threequel.

as long as they dont screw us with killing all of the establish characters like the animated film did! then im happy, it would be great provided its done better than opt vs megs since the detail made it harder to make out wat they were doing to each other.
A flashback / prologue scene on Cybertron featuring and epic battle would be totally kick@$$. :up:
Matrix Revolutions and X-Men 3 have clearly demonstrated what happens when a production budget gets abused to fill the screen with pointless junk. There were already too many characters to effectively focus on in the first movie anyway.
That's why I say go the flashback / prologue route.
Yes a flashback could work showing all the fan favorites in cameos
that or maybe if they make a third movie they should have them go back to cybertron and have a huge battle there along with having unicron in the third movie
You HAVE to maintain that sense of wonder and excitement that the first film had.

Hopefully, if a large scale battle was done, it would be something made as a giant crowd pleasing scene, rather than just to show a gigantic battle for the sake of it.
Is it just me or did Cybertron look like crap? And I dont mean because they were in a war and that it was totally damaged. What I mean is that it didnt even look like cybertron. It looked like Tin crap modeled to look like crap. I was expecting towering cities and Domed Skyscrapers and Bridges like the cartoon, instead it looked like alot of crap steel and a couple of Metal flowers popping out of the freakin ground.

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