The decepticons potency as a threat undermined by the second movie?

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Is the threat of the decepticons undermined by their role in the second movie?

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    Now bear with me, a lot of you might say that they were portrayed as a sinsiter threat in the first two movies but i would contend that their threat was weakened significantly in the second movie.

    To me personally there were signs of a problem in the first movie; Optimus Prime ripping bonecrusher apart so easily, the high decepticon death toll and the fatc it is primarily the humans who finish off the decepticons in the final battle with their special weapons on their jets.

    In the Revenge Of The Fallen this seemed to increase in my opinion. The autobots now have the armed forces of the world (or at least america) on their side while the decepticons are protrayed as a scattered group of individuals hiding from the good guys. It takes half a dozen decepticons to take down optimus, and to be fair he only gets killed because his attention is distracted. Starscreams effectiveness is non-existent in the second film. Bumblebee is now also promoted up to optimus` level of bad-assery (lol), which infers the smallest and humblest of autobots is better than any decepticon. The decepticons field a mass amount of combatants but are completly annihilated by the small group of autobots and the army of humans. Nearly all the decepticons with the exceptions of starscream and megatron die while only minor charatcers die on the autobot side. The two heavy hitters of the decepticon side, devastator and the fallen are defeated in an increadibly disappointing and rapid manner, with the fallen getting killed by prime very quickly and with devastator barely fighting anyone before being shot with the rail gun. Starscream and megatron both are portrayed as being far weaker than in the previous film; where starscream had an excellent aerial fight scene and megatron dominated prime in the first movie, in revenge of the fallen starcream fights sparingly and loses and arm when he does and megatron suddenly is immensely outclassed by prime requiring a several decepticons to help him kill him and then get pummeled, injured and beaten very quickly in the final battle.

    The autobots are supposed to be the plucky underdogs not gun-totting bad-asses. We the audience should feel like it is the autobots who are stuck with their backs against the wall with limited resources and with powerful enemies who they find tricky to defeat in open combat.

    I suppose my point is that it takes away from the thrill of a film like this if you have the good guys seem to be in a stronger position and reguardless of the deus ex machina threatening the earth in the second film the decepticons come across as being far weaker and more outgunned than the autobots. If Indiana Jones and the last crusade had seen indy fighting that same group of nazis depicted in the actual film but with the addition of 10,000 troops at his disposal then the film would have been far less entertaining as you would be left feeling a large amount of the jeopardy had gone as the hero had the advantage too early in the film. The same holds true for the Autobots, portraying them and the military as being far cooler and more compotent in battle than the decepticons doesnt make them more compelling it in fact does the exact opposite.

    In film 3 i just hope the situation is rectified as it is seriously begining to affect my interest in these films. I dont like watching films where the good guys trouncing the baddies seems like a foregone conclusion.
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