Awesome Ring Site!!

Yea I love the site and no its no spam ,but my favorite thing is you can ask them to make a ring for you and if you thought of it first its free!
the first page of ringsd all look like crap.....sorry but they do...also the GL rings should be all green and Gold for the legion ring
I love the fact that they have rings based on what we've seen in the sinestro corps story.
Those rings are friggin' awesome. I want both a GL ring and the BPRD one.
I just now sent alot of ideas to them as in symbols ,but I bet someone on here could think of a cool joker or something symbol to make for a ring ,lex corp or something unique cause there are tons of talented people on hype.
Wanting the Resi Evil, Mortal Kombat and Zelda ring.

Really nice stuff :up:
I sent in ideas I had for rings hopefully it will go well

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