Bad Robot Developing Rod Serling's Final Screenplay Into Event Series


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Apr 4, 2004
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J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot To Develop Rod Serling’s Final Screenplay Into Event Series

Thirty eight years after Rod Serling‘s death, his final screenplay is heading to the screen. J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Prods. has acquired the rights to The Twilight Zone creator’s unproduced last feature script The Stops Along The Way. The project will be developed into an event limited series through Bad Robot’s deal at Warner Bros. TV and taken out into the marketplace. Details about the premise are being kept under wraps. Serling talked about the project in his final interview four months before his death when he was asked if he had a script he has special feeling for. “I just wrote The Stops Along The Way, which is, I think, a lovely script,” he said.

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Serling wrote and produced a number of TV and feature screenplays, including Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, Planet Of The Apes, and Requiem For A Heavyweight, but he is best known for his Twilight Zone anthology series, which was just named one of the top five Best Written TV Series of all time by the Writers Guild of America, West. A reboot of the TV classic is in the works at CBS TV Studios with X-Men director Bryan Singer at the helm.Event/limited series are red-hot at the moment, with four greenlighted in the past month alone, Fox’s 24: Live Another Day and Wayward Pines, FX’s Fargo and HBO’s Criminal Justice. Bad Robot has four series on the air next season, returning Revolution and Person Of Interest and upcoming Almost Human and Believe. Code Entertainment, which reps the Serling Estate, made the deal with Bad Robot.
Bad Robot doing something from Rod Serling's mind? **** yes, please.

OK, Rod. But, seriously, Serling is probably my favorite writer so this is cool.
God I would love for Bad Robot to also bring back The Twilight Zone. But this will be very awesome as well.
I just saw an online comment respond to the words "Twilight Zone creator" with "I don't want another Twilight!" :dry:

I want this world to die. :o

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