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Apr 4, 2004
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Bryan Singer To Spearhead ‘Twilight Zone’ Series Reboot For CBS TV Studios

EXCLUSIVE: The Twilight Zone is eying a return to primetime. X-Men director Bryan Singer has closed a deal to develop, executive produce and possibly direct a reboot of Rod Serling’s classic. The drama series project, now in early stages, is set up at CBS TV Studios. Search is underway for a writer to pen the new Twilight Zone pending the finalizing of all deals with rights holders. The project has not been pitched to networks yet, but CBS is an obvious destination since CBS TV Studios only supplies CBS and the CW on the broadcast side and CBS carried the original series as well as the first revival. In addition to the TV series project, there has been a feature Twilight Zone remake in the works at Warner Bros with Matt Reeves attached to direct from a script by Jason Rothenberg.

The original Twilight Zone series ran on CBS from 1959-1964. CBS also aired a remake, which ran from 1985-1989. The most recent series reboot, hosted by Forest Whitaker, premiered on UPN in 2002 and lasted one season. Singer, who directed the pilot for Fox’s long-running medical drama House, which he executive produced, recently helmed and exec produced another reboot of a classic series, NBC’s Munsters-themed Mockingbird Lane pilot, which aired as a Halloween special. On the feature side, Singer is back at the helm of the X-Men franchise with the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past after directing and producing the first two installments in the superhero movie series. He is with WME and attorney Dave Feldman.
Now this is exciting. The movie seemed vaguely promising, but the idea of TZ returning to television just seems so much more perfect. I hope he rounds up some legit writers to bring this to series.
<3 Twilight Zone. I wish someone other than Singer was attached to it, but whatever.

What ever happened to the Dicaprio Twilight Zone? Was there any movement on that project at all?
I want to be excitied but I cant be. Fuller makes masterpieces of television shows but they never last long. So ill keep my excitment until this turns into a hit.
Singer, not Fuller.
Im crossing my fingers that its going to be good and find an audience.

The remake on UPN with Forrest Whitaker hosting was only so-so.

I never even knew they had a remake in the 80s. Gonna have to find a copy of that.
I'm gonna do my best and remain neutral until I see anything else about it. I'm not a fan of the 80s or early 2000s versions of the show, and the original series is my favorite show of all time. I just feel like you can't really have a Twilight Zone without Rod Serling.

But I'll wait and see. It's the stories that make all the difference, after all.
I'm all for Twilight Zone, but I have a bad feeling that they're going to turn it into a big special effects show with supernatural fantasy and drama rather than the things that made the old show so great: interesting stories with a twist.

But I will hold back judgement until I see an episode.
Watched the original. The 80's remake. And the 1 season remake with Forrest Whitaker. Might as well watch this one too.

Hugh Laurie as the host perhaps?
What&#8217;s Happening with Bryan Singer&#8217;s Planned Twilight Zone Series Reboot?
When can we expect a return to the fifth dimension?
by Roth Cornet MARCH 7, 2013

It was announced this past December that Bryan Singer (X-Men) was developing a new version of The Twilight Zone in a partnership with CBS Productions. Singer was reportedly set to executive produce and was seeking a writer. There&#8217;s been very little news on the project since that time, though, much too some fans dismay.

We sat down with the director recently to talk about his new family film Jack the Giant Slayer, and his upcoming return to the director&#8217;s chair on the X-Men franchise with X-Men: Days of Future past. (Take a look at our X-Men: Days of Future Past interview here). During our conversation we were able to briefly touch on his planned Twilight Zone series reboot, which he is still pursuing &#8211; if a bit slowly.

IGN: With so much on your plate right now, where do you stand with the Twilight Zone television series reboot?

Bryan Singer: It'll be a little slower in process because of where I'm at with this film [X-Men: Days of Future Past], but it's definitely something I'm passionate about. You know it's always a challenge with anthology television shows because you don't have a standing cast, so you're always recasting. And you're always finding new locations and environments to serve the different stories. But I'm anxious to figure out the right way to do it because I love anthologies. I love anthology movies and anthology television shows. I'm very passionate about it and some of those stories I think are worth revisiting now. And there are ways that they can be treated now, they can be scarier than they were then and also they can be much more visual because we have more technology. Back then you were shooting on the back lot or out west and now you can pull off a lot more for television. So I'm really looking forward to getting into it. There's writer that I just got involved in it. I don't want to say who it is yet because we have to make a deal, but somebody I enjoy working with. So that's coming together right now, actually. So yeah, I'm into it.

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