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Oct 28, 2007
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What do you think of the new Batman and Son figures?
For those of you who havnt seen them:

I got the Joker today, and i think it is one of the best figures i have seen of the Clown Prince Of Crime. The Batman looks great as well, though im not sure on the Robin and Bat-Son. Has anyone else got any of the others? What do you think of them?
I definitely want to get the Joker. Maybe the Batman as well.
I've been waiting for this joker ever since I saw the first pic...and I was not let down when i got him.....this is by far the best looking joker from DCD since the Silver Age Box Set joker from about five years ago.....there has been a Joker sized hole on my Bat Villains shelf for some time....and I have finally filled only if we could get Zsasz, Ventriloquist and Firefly....then my bat villains sheld would be complete......anyway....

As for the Batman....Single best Batman figure from DCD ever......though not as articulated as the JLA Superman (Best Superman Ever) this is still freaking awesome.....I guess it's just as good as the Hush just comes down to wether you like jim Lee or kubert.......for me the Cape totally sold me on this figure, and finally I have a decent enough batman for my Heroes shelf.....

Robin is okay....if you want a Modern costumed robin (OYL)....and who gives a **** about Damien? And the Man Bat looks good too.....looks like he/they did in the comic.....but I did't read the I have no need for any of the latter three.....though the Robin might be nice.
I'm not a DC guy...But those looks nice!

Hey SK! Are you Jeff Jarrett????? (your signature...LOL)
Hopefully I stumble upon these, I need a new Batman and Joker figure. I'll probably also pick up the Robin simply because I have zero Robins in my Batman collection.
The scale on these is way off.

Hush Batman looks cooler. These didnt look like the prototypes. Disapointing.
Can someone please post careded oics of thease figures.

The sculpting here just seemed sloppy.

The Joker and Batman are very well done, especially the Joker. The Man-Bat also has really good sculpting. However the Robin and Damien are not very good. Thats what i think anyway, other people may really like the Robin set, but i think the sculpting on the faces and the bodys isnt up to the standard of the exceptional Joker or other DC Direct figures, such as the Hush range of figures.
Only the Joker and Bats look great.

im probly gonna end up getting robin and joker, just cos i want a modern robin and that joker is awesome
How tall is this Joker? I've been looking forward to this Joker a lot, but I don't want him towering over my DCSH.
I think they all look pretty nice, but the only ones I'm gonna pick up will be the Joker and Batman.

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