Batman in Sincity ...



I think, that one time Batman should be in a Sin City comic issue like chasing a criminal of Sin City who appears in Gotham, a cross over. Except this time around there is a definite ending with bats being the victor. What do you think and how could this work?
i think it would be a neat idea if Marv faced off against The Dark Knight and Hartigan could be the cop that batman teams up with
I preffer Moon Knight to take a little visit to Sin City. He's even more extreme than Bats.

it's an interesting idea. but u have to take in account that if Frank did have Bats visit Sin City. it wouldn't be the regular Batman we know. it'd be Frank's Goddamn Batman, the a--hole. So imo I'd be rooting for Marv to beat him down and show him who's boss.
bats only travels outside of Gotham if he's investigating & USUALLY IN THESE CASES HE'S A LONER so allow me to correct myself...

no hartigan team-up
okay, i have a question bout ur sig. why Kiefer Sutherland for Green Arrow? u want Jack Bauer as Green Arrow?

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