Batman In Sin City


Apr 9, 2006
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Over on the IMDB boards I read a thread that asked the question.

Could you See see the dark knight running across the roof-tops of Sin City?

In response to that thread I made this Poster


So what do you tink? Would Batman (in an elseworlds sense) make a good addition to Sin City?

To quote to of the posters on IMDB

"In a way, Sin City is basically everything Miller wanted to do with Batman (adn Daredevil) but couldn't because he'd be going against the character."


"Batman would be very busy in Sin City.....I mean very busy."
ampersand said:
Why is only half his face showing?

I agree. You really have to look for him. Why not do a Sin City style poster using Batman as the main character? I do think that a Batman movie done in that style would look cool, but I don't know about sticking him in Sin City.
Well first I wanted him to be hidden in the shadows... Second, thats just the picture I used...


But Yeah, I intend to make one with just him, or even try and add him to the group.

Most of the work was spent putting his name on the cast list.
I think he'd work. But what I'd love to see is a Punisher/Marv team up. That'd be all manner of kick ass.
I understand wanting to have him hidden in the shadows, but why would you start with a picture that's missing half his face?
How about something like this?

Here's a combo: Commish' Gordon meets John Hartigan. Would be pretty cool, seeing these mean old bastards team up. :up:
That is an awesome pic! you need to work on Batman's Colour but other wise amazing....

And Ampersand... Just the stylistic choice I made, plus that pic already had the right shade and rain so it worked out, I like the half face, like his head is tilted and you cannot see the rest in the dark.
My guess... He likes Marv better... So are you the same "The Question" from IMDB?
Well lets check... If I asked you what a SperTurbo4 was.. what would you say?

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