Batman/Superman easter egg in "I am Legend"


Feb 12, 2006
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11 is reporting that "if you're really observant during the film itself, you might catch an interesting Easter egg - the teaser poster for a supposed Batman/Superman feature film arriving on 5/15/09 (which just so happens to be a Friday). Warner's little hint of things to come perhaps?"

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probably not, lol it was just something maybe one of the producers or studio heads thought was be nice to throw in.
I think I read that Akiva Goldsman (of Batman & Robin fame to fanboys) wanted that little visual in the film.
I just saw it, just the bat superimposed on the \S/ with the date. It was cool and it was on screen for kind of a long time. They were doing a pan-out and it was in focus for like 4-5 seconds.
i saw it... pretty funny if you ask me...
there was also a teen titans poster in the DVD store
where in the movie is it?

I don't remeber the scene exactly, but it a giant poster outside on one of the downtown building when Will Smith was walking outside there. You shouldn't miss it, since it was only shown for a few seconds. It surely wasn't one of those "blink & you miss it" situation, that for sure. :)
Have pics of these findings been posted yet? I've looked to no avail. Ah well.. I'm probably seeing the film this week sometime.
Pretty cool that they threw in an easter egg like this in the movie.

Not sure if i'm allowed to post this but heres a screencap....


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that's a cool poster, i wonder if they'll release it in some shape or form...
Any shots of the other DC related stuff seen in the film?
there was also a teen titans poster in the dvd store.

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