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The Walking Dead Best Season


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Feb 11, 2011
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What has been in your opinion the best season of Walking Dead?
Despite the slow (though definitely not S2 slow) second half and a sketchy finale, Season 3 is definitely tops so far.
Despite the anti-climatic season 3 finale.....I would have to say season 3.
Despite wasting a character who had potential and anti-climatic finale, Season 3. Just need to keep that quality from the first half and a few episodes from the second half (Clear).
If I could vote season 4 I would, I'm predicting that to be the best. Season 3 tho was by far the best. Half of season 2 was slow, the other half great. Season 1 was also good, just not long enough.
Easily the first season. Season two was pure and utter ****. The first half of season three was promising, but they completely dropped the ball in the second half.
I rank them:

Season 1
Season 3
Season 2

Though I don't think season 2 was as slow as some people say. It just wasn't as action packed and quick paced as the other two.
Despite it being very short, it has to be Season 1 for me. The pace was great (compared to Season 2 moving quite slowly and Season 3 moving a little too fast for me because I was used to Season 2's pace) and they had a good blend of story-telling and action though Season 3 does do that too; I just prefer the way they executed it in Season 1.
Then again, like I mentioned above, Season 1 was only 6 episodes long.
I'm excited to see how Season 4 will be if they might have more episodes like "Clear" in Season 3 and kinda like "18 Miles Out" too in Season 2.
Season 3 was great from start to finish in my opinion; definitely the best season so far. There were just so many great episodes and moments, and I feel like the intensity really picked up. I'm a huge fan of the Governor as well.

I'd go with 2 right behind it, obviously followed by 1 in last place.
Season 3 then 2. I don't think season 2 is nearly as bad as people say. In fact, on a human level it's the best so far.
Honestly? In terms of acting skill/writing It's only improved:
4 (so far)

In terms of plot and my overall interest in the show:
4 (so far)
Season 3

by far.

Finally things got moving. Unlike the previous seasons the story progressed every episode. Hardly any filler episodes.
Season 3 and then 2 which I found to be excellent all the way through and then 1
Season 1 and 2 are the best. I love watching the downfall of Shane. Season 3 was a mixed bag , but really good at times. Season 4 has been ok so far. I do like the Governor episodes. It depends on how it ends whether Ill think it's great or not.
This current season is shaping up to be the very best (season 4)- kinda dangerous to say that this early, but if it could maintain its current trajectory this could easily end up being its very best.
A couple of weeks ago, I would have said that season four was easily the best so far, but then they brought The Governer back. Ugh. Such a horrible character. I'm praying to the TV gods that he gets killed off next episode so the show can get back on track.
1 was the most consistent, i will go with 3, but 1 was probably the best one, they shouldn't have taken out the original creator of the show
I don't know about that. Aside from this Governor crap, I think the show as been at it's best under Gimple.
Frank Darabond only had 6 episodes to show, and those were the ones with the most professional look, since AMC later cut the budget, also, while some of them had problems, every single one of the first 6 episodes was unforgetable.

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