Best Sin City female character?


Sep 23, 2005
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So,I made one with the guys,now here's one with the girls.

So,which is thebest Sin City female character and why?

Which one was the hottest?And which one was the coolest?
COme on, is there really any contest? Nancy all the way!
Nancy and Shellie are the hottest but I think Gail did the best performance
It's all about Gail, dammit! I think Rosario immersed herself into her character more than the other actresses. Plus, I just love the outfit! Rosario wheres it well!
I forgot about Lucille. I think Carla Gugino is so hot now after seeing Sin City.
Miho is kinda hot, but she's more of a badass. Nancy, Gail, and Lucille were the hot ones.
Miho is the coolest but my favourite was Gail because I admire anyone women who can look after herself.
You know what I thought the girl form the gilmore girls(alexis I think) was the best girl character. Don't ask why?

lol jk she was cool. I was shocked to learn she actually has blue eyes...I thought everything in Sin City was tweaked or majorly :D
Why is this pole closed.

Gail is the best Character for sure, Warrior Woman :-)
because the original poster wanted it closed after a certain amout of time. Welcome to the hype, in Mickey Rourke? or Roark as in Sin City?

Who cares? :D

Nancy Callahan. Not only is she quite the hottie but she is a really strong character, one who does not allow the cruel wicked city she lives in ruin who she really is. She wears her heart on her sleeve no matter what. Oh yeah, and she's so hot.
Not that you care Mr Incredibly lol - But it is a cross between Mickey and the character in Sin City.

that would be interesting... a giant, yellow, square-jawed child molester with plasters all over his body and an admiration for long leather jackets.
Although the poll is closed I'd say a tie between Gail and Miho.

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