best transformers series

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best series

  1. g1

  2. beast wars

  3. beast machines

  4. robots in disguise

  5. armada

  6. energon

  7. cybertron

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  1. Spade

    Spade Seeking new challengers

    Jun 23, 2006
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    In my opinion, Beast Wars was the best. The original series had a good rivalry between Optimus Prime and Megatron with good dialogue for both. But my issue with the original has always been that the Autobots and Decepticons, save the leaders, are write-offs; characters could come and go with little impact on the story. With Beast Wars, just about every character was well-written. Having a cast that only slowly grew in numbers meant that I came to like more than just the leaders. Add to this that the animation is still nothing to scoff at, and you have a remarkable cartoon that's worth a watch for all ages.

    I'll admit, they ended things on a sour note with Beast Machines. But that's because everything was formulaic and jammed into place rather than being the organic story Beast Wars was. If you seperate the two, Beast Wars is still a great series whereas Beast Machines is best described as "the failed experiment." People have this massive nostalgia for Transformers and everything that made that work, but if you look past all of the fond memories of watching the original on TV it should be obvious which one holds up as the years pass us by.

    AIRWOLF Mach-1+ Attack Chopper

    Mar 11, 2007
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    The answer is without a doubt Beast Wars, the best of Transformers and the prime example of how they should be treated. They got me into the world of transformers. I tried getting into G1 but couldn't cause they were too repetitive about 80% of the time and sort of dry, that's a fact. After Beast Wars, its Beast Machines for me. I don't know why many don't like them, but it was a neat idea to see that Transformers are not impervious to evolution, and technorganic seemed like a next logical step in their evolution, plus the story was much deeper than Beast Wars. I mean it was really hard to call Megatron an enemy in that one, since he was fighting for Cybertron's technological side, the only reason to stop him was to prevent him for taking total control. Just to add to Beast Wars/ Machines bit, I think they both gave us the best Megatron ever, always one step ahead of everyone and smart with classy personality. The only thing I didn't like about them were that the character personalities were somewhat inconsistent with what was established in Beast Wars. After that I like the new animated ones.

    The main aspect of Beast Wars/ Machines which makes them unique was the fact that they were more concentrated on Transformers themselves and their conflict, no silly involvement of humans:- which really is the only annoying bit about new transformers too. Why couldn't they just concentrate on Bots for once rather than to always have a human presence (especially kids that always seem to interfere with Autobots' missions and priorities), not like I'm against my own race but Beast Wars accomplished it, though it had human presence but it wasn't elaborate. I really wish the next Transformer series would tell the story of how Maximals came to be: the inevitable "Great Upgrade".
  3. The Caped Knight

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    Apr 9, 2004
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    The Maximals

    The Predacons
  4. Primal Slayer

    Primal Slayer Let the Siren scream

    Jun 30, 2005
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    I would have to go with Beast Wars. It got me into Transformers and I loved the charecters and how it tied to the original transformers. And it was somewhat serious and interesting unlike every new incarnation of Transformers that has come after it.

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