World Best X-men Television series currently available on DVD?



You may have noticed that I'm posting a topic like this in each of my favorite comicbook forums. I apologize if this is annoying or anything; I'm just trying to get as much feedback as possible, so I thought posting the individual questions in each of these respected forums would be the best way to get the most feedback.

Anyway, I've heard pretty good things about X-Men Evolution. Is there anything better out there for X-Men, or should I go with X-Men Evolution for my gift shopping?

Thanks a lot :)
cmon guys - the spidey and batman fans are outdoing you all!
It might be b/c the greatest X-men tv series ISN'T on DVD. All that is out is X-Men Evolution...and...thats it.
A few TAS dvds were released in 2000 but contained a few random eps thrown together......

All I want is TAS on dvd...then I can die happy...

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