BioWare making a new KOTOR

Yes it is a big deal, because this game will be FRICKIN' AWESOME!*

*Claim on the basis they actually make some design changes this time and have a muuuuuuuuuch better story than 2.
I deff dont mind seeing another Knights of the Old Republic. I felt the first Knights was one of the best games i played of last gen, even with the HORRID combat.
I´ve read that it´s still not confirmed.
There is Bioware/Lucas Arts project, but nothing so far gives 100% on KOTOR 3.
But there will be a KOTOR 3, that i´m sure (and LA confirmed it once).

On other news, Pandemic is making a LOTR game.
And Gamespot states it a 360 exclusive, which, coming from EA is weird.
I hope its true...i am sure it'll be great. :)
I'd look forward to something like this if the combat system would be changed and improved.
I wish BioWare could touch on the New Jedi Order era of Star Wars. More stuff happening.
They really need to fix the crappy combat system and really improve upon the crap of a story that was KOTOR2.
No, it was Obsidian's. Still sucked.

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