Borrowed it from the coworker, and I'm thinking of buying a copy for myself...if I could find it in a comic book store. :oldrazz:

Reading it brought back memories of how I felt when I first fell in love (and how my sister and I used to play around our bedroom, heh). It's a really sweet, yet sad story.
Trying to find it again in a Borders... some random girl came up to me once when I was browsing and suggested it. Then she left. I have no idea who she was, but she stole my wallet.
You got off easy. She druged me and stole my kindey.
a very beautiful tale, there's nothing else quite like it
What's the basic premise of the book? Sounds like a heartbreaker.
What's the basic premise of the book? Sounds like a heartbreaker.
It's a simple story told in great detail (the book is quite thick and heavy) about a young guy's childhood, and his christian upbringing (although the book doesn't come off overly -pro or anti relugion) in (IIRC) Minnesota. The main crux of the story is the first time he fell in love as a teenager with a girl he met at a youth group.

It's just really simply, but incredibly well told, and, yeah, heartbreaking.

KG did a brief write up in the ORT awhile back
Killgore said:
by Craig Thompson

Blankets is an autobiography that is about the author's three closest relationships, his brother Phil, his first love Riana and his relationship with God. All three of these stories crosscut with one another to form a quilt pastiche that is colored with the sense of loss he feels as he leaves each behind.

Damn, that synopsis doesn't do it justice. It makes it sound like a Hallmark made for Wifetime original movie. It isn't though. Thompson writes and draws with such sincerity and passion that the 600 page phone book of a Graphic Novel blitzes by. But read it while wearing a coat, or more appropriately a blanket, as Thompson's loose ink work evokes the frigid Wisconsin winter so impressively that my fingertips were frostbit after reading it.




Blankets really is a masterpiece.
It amazes that public library fuss over in (I think) Missouri a few months ago. A handful of no-brains actually managed to get this great book banned from the local library.
Last time I checked, I still lived in the "Land of the Free."
But I'm starting to wonder.
wow, that's pathetic. Got a link to any info on that?
The library was the only place I could find this book, seems like no one carries it over here. It is a great bittersweet story though, it made me feel better about a relationship I had just gotten out of.
Yeah- I'm gonna pick it up off amazon sometime. I've got $5 left on a certificate...

Thanks for the summaries. :)

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