Blu-Ray Releases: '89 and Returns


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Jun 18, 2011
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It seems like Batman 89 and Batman Returns are currently "out-of-print" on Blu-Ray. I don't want a used copy. Does anyone know if these films will be getting a blu-ray re-release soon? I've been googling for info to no avail.
Hmm odd. I can find them at just about any hifi or movie shoppe here. maybe the UK is getting a re-release?
I should have clarified... it seems they are out-of-print in the US, which is where I am currently. I was going to try to hunt them down for an American friend's birthday but it seems they are out of print here.

I have my own copies back in Scotland... and Amazon UK has them in stock but Amazon US doesn't! Strange.
Do you ever buy off sellers on ebay?
I think I've only ever done that twice, really... do they sell new copies or only used ones?

EDIT: I see new ones on there but it looks like they are mostly around $60 - $90.
Maybe they're going to do new editions?

Hope they don't have lame covers. Doesn't always go well...
This means they may be cooking something up possibly for the release of thr Ultimate TDK trilogy being released later this year.

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