The Dark Knight Bob the Goon


May 4, 2007
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Was Bob the Goon a comic character? And if so, does that mean that he will be in The Dark Knight?
mr thau please put bob the goon in this movie and make him cgi
No, he was never a character in the comics. That being said, I do hope mr thau make cgi bob the goon!/?...&*
BOB THE GOON = COOLEST GOON (next to bald strong man)
^^^exactly (but he was cooler than the bald guy). i loved bob. i cried when joker killed him. i still cry when i think about it.
Not only should Harley Quinn be in TDK, but so should Bob The Goon, Ray Charles Goon, and Bud & Lou the hyenas :o
Harley and Budd & Lou. Definately.

But again, going with the "Nolan-ism" he might not go for having Joker be tagged along with a pair of hyenas.

More realistic than, say, Bat-Mite. But still, probably not. Which is unfortunate.

I loved Bob the Goon.

Joker: "Bob, gun."

(shoots Bob)
Yeah Bob owned, I think one of Jokers goons should be called Bob as a little homage. Not a seriously obvious homage but just so you think "lol oh yeah Bob".
Bob the goon was silly to the point of being comic relief--but why did the producers feel they needed to have him upstage the Joker in the humour department?

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