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Mar 10, 2006
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Why talk about it here? It's not even an anime...

Awesome show, though...
People take it as an anime because Madhouse does the animation.
^And a really good job on it at that.
i love the art style and im glad they dont throw in anime cliches just for the sake of it........i believe a show can be inspired by aniime but doesnt have to overdo it...look at avatar its a great mix between american and japanese styles no face vaults all over the place and the generic designs of superhero chars.......
It's not an anime because it wasn't made in America, it just doesn't fit the anime style altogether, it's a comedic cartoon show which is why it doesn't belong here. It's a great show but it's just not an anime.
There are several comedic cartoon shows that are anime. Cromartie High School is one I watch faithfully.

Anime is simply any cartoon made in Japan, reguardless of genre.
it was made in korea i think so its sorta anime.......i think anime should cover all show that are of asian origin because some are from korea, the philapines, and on and on......so what do call a show from china then???

and shin chan(^_^) is comedy anime and its from japan so that point is moot.................

yeah the boondocks is an anime inspired show but not full fledged anime

like kappa mikey(gonard and mikey yay!) it has anime styled characters but its anime inspired not anime!!!! but i still love it anyway
The Boondocks was not made in Korea, it was made by an African American male who lives in America.
it was animated in korea!!!! he made the concept they animated it!!! just like the simpsons its made in korea and was created in america!!!
So what you're saying is this. They get a company in Korea to animate the show for American audiences, correct? If this is true, would it still count as an anime even if the plot is written by American writers?
I don't get it. It has to be made in Japan to be considered anime? I guess that sorta makes sense. But still, it's anime influenced, obviously. And it actually has some great fight scenes. Huey vs. Riley, Huey vs. Samurai, Huey vs. Oprah's bodyguard, Huey vs. Ruckus, Huey and Granddad vs. Stinkmeaner. Damn. Come to think of it, there is alot of ****in melee in this show. Plus, Aaron Mcgruder clearly states in the DVD that the show is anime. Now if there are ground rules, it seems like neither one of us knew.
An american guy dressing up in a gi and learning to speak some japanese does not make him japanese. He's still American.

Likewise, an american cartoon that copies the style of an anime does not make it an anime. It's still an American cartoon. If it was originally released in Japan then it would be considered an anime.
I still don't get where she said the cartoon was produced in Korea. Why go out of the country to do it? It sounds utterly ridiculous.
guys i need your recommended anime to watch aside from bleach and naruto. what are the other anime you love to watch?
It's obviously inspired by anime, but I wouldn't call it anime.

guys i need your recommended anime to watch aside from bleach and naruto. what are the other anime you love to watch?

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Do not question--watch it, and expand your consciousness. :o
I still don't get where she said the cartoon was produced in Korea. Why go out of the country to do it? It sounds utterly ridiculous.

Just like the New Avengers comic current writer lives in another country, I guess it's possible for whoever produces the Boondocks to have it animated in another country because they like those particular animators. But I never heard of the boondocks being written outside of America. I'll do some research on this.
thats the question is it anime influenced or anime.........and is all animation from asia anime (excluding russia, india, and the countries ending in -stan).

vegeta_1000 isnt it appearant.............ITS CHEAP! DUH...........you dont get low low prices in walmart for nothing.........stuff made in asia equals cheap!!!
Hmm... the explanation on wikipedia saids it's because the creator was obsessed with anime writing styles. I would expect it to be more expensive having the art imported and exported over seas actually.
nope i'll use the simpsons as an example in the 90's the people who created the rugrats did the animation for them in america but that got a bit expensive..........so rough draft studios in korea does the coloring and animation and they send it back to america for film roman to clean and touch it up for broadcast..........remember in the u.s. though we have laws to protect the workers the cost to pay for that has to come from somewhere.so after saleries, benefits, etc. the price stats to add up and fox has to pay more for each episode. in korea not so much......im not saying they dont have all those things but fox gets more bang for their buck overseas than in america.

so originally they could pay for 4 episodes at a time now they can pay for 6 or more..........and since film roman's just doing clean up work its not too much money they have to spend.

and yes mr. aaron is an anime freak..........champaloo freak to be exact..........and a starwars fanatic have you seen the ending credits his company is called rebel base...........yep rebel base.............

i still love his show!!!

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