The Boondocks Thread

They may as well. We need them back.
Mixed news for me

On one hand, I would like at least a movie to wrap things up because the original ended on such a weird note.
On the other hand, without John Witherspoon or Charlie Murphy, it was always going to seem like something was missing.

Did they ever confirm it this was a sequel or reboot/new adaptation? Because it seems like a sequel with most of the cast returning but I saw a lot of things pointing to a reboot/new adaptation but with the same cast. Weird

Any way, I hope/wish that they make a finale movie. Like about Riley and Huey at Granddad's funeral and dealing with his death. Just as a send off
I would not have minded a final sendoff for these characters, but since both John Witherspoon and Charlie Murphy are no longer with is its honestly probably for the best.
Just remembered Ed Asner passed too. So no Wuncler, no Wuncler III, no Grandad

Yeah it's better to let it go
No Grandad and Regina King is dealing with the worst losss a person could feel so that peobably put the show on permanent hiatus.

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