Aquaman Box Office Thread

At this point, you could almost debate whether the movie will break even.
I'm no expert but I think it would need at the very least 100 more million to break even. But technically you're not wrong since we're discussing it right now. :oldrazz:
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Aquaman 2 has now grossed $120.7 million domestically, and this weekend, it swam past the $300 million milestone in international waters. The film’s cumulative global total now stands at $423 million. What’s more impressive is that it dropped by only 26% at the domestic box office this weekend, despite being available on digital.

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Whether a movie scored a profit or a loss is, ultimately, an opaque process. Only the studio’s accountants know for sure. For us outsiders, the best we can do is use a very rough rule-of-thumb: when a movie’s box office has doubled its production budget, it’s broken even. (Though, some prefer 2.5X rather than 2X.) To be sure, there are other expenses beyond production (e.g., distribution and advertising) which can be substantial. But there are also other sources of revenue (e.g., PPV, streaming, etc.). So the theory is that these additional factors cancel out and the original rule-of-thumb is more-or-less valid.

With obvious cases, there’s not much to debate. For example, we can be reasonably certain (ignoring “Hollywood accounting” shenanigans) that Wonka is well into profitability. And it’s equally certain that The Flash lost a lot of money. Aquaman 2, however, is on the borderline. So without access to the actual P&L statements, its status is just a guess.
World-wide total is now at $429.7M. But at this point, probably not much left in the tank.
Per, the Aquaman sequel has now earned $433.5 million at the global box office against its $205 million budget since its release last holiday season, with The Lost Kingdomset to generate a small profit for Warner Bros., factoring in the added marketing costs. Much of The Lost Kingdom's moderate box office success could be accredited to its overseas performance, with $309.8 million of the film's ticket sales tally coming from foreign territories during its two months in theaters.

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