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Sep 10, 2007
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I've been meaning to do this for awhile, so here's a few quick pics of the stuff I have out and is on display around my apartment. Sorry for the quality of some of these. If you have any questions on what's what or want to see a better pic of something specific, I'll gladly share.

Here's the TF I picked up the other night that I mentioned, Windrazor. I have yet to find room for him with my other TFs.

Batman keeps guard over my computer desk. This is probably my favorite toy at the moment.

Prime and Starscream, also at my desk.

Let's move on to what friends and family affectionately refer to as "The Case." The first shelf has a few vinyl models I did myself. Han Solo, Boba Fett, and the Frankenstein to the left vinyl kits. The Daredevil in the back is a recast of a statue in resin, which I also painted myself.

The second shelf has a few more models, Batman, Spider-Man and Serenity. There's also a Tau Piranha in there. The Fett in the vintage package in the back is signed by Jeremy Bullock.

This shelf is mainly devoted to those awful Serenity toys and my Bruce Campbell stuff (minus Autolycus).

Here's the bottom shelf. That's a sheet of TF cards in the back from the Boston Globe. Should have taken it out since it's a bit disorienting. I want to replace Soul Reaver Raziel with the new NECA one once it's out.
And finally, my TFs, which I've documented more elsewhere here. I'm out of room. My girlfriend has the book shelf next to them, and she doesn't appreciate them taking over the place she puts her McFarlane Dragons.

So there it is. If I come across more stuff, I'll post it. And any questions, let me know!
I read this somewhere, and since, this is how I've described them.

If you had never seen Nathan Fillion before, and you had to pick him out of a lineup with nothing to go on but his Serenity figures, the only way you'd be able to do it is if he were the only white male in lineup.

The Jayne's are so-so, and the Reaver looks good, but it's hard to mess that up. Despite how awful they look, the most annoying thing is that they never made the other 7 crew members.
Some better pics of my models.

Spidey was my first. Webbing took FOREVER.

Closeup of Frankenstein, second model I did.

Here's Han. Picked this kit up for $12 (for those unfamiliar with the price for vinyl kits, it's a steal). Because Harrison Ford owns his own image, the kit needed to be molded without eyebrows. Didn't do too bad. The holster I sculpted myself.

Fett is probably my favorite. His colors are so unique, and finding paints that would work was difficult. Pretty much had to mix all these colors myself, and I feel I nailed it. Plus I didn't get decals (for the chest and arm). Base is so-so, but I love this kit.

And here's Daredevil. I really wanted a Daredevil kit (my favorite Marvel hero), and they don't make one. So this is a recast of a statue. Weapons are custom.

Didn't take pics of Batman, since I feel I did such a terrible job on it. Someday, I'll rework it or start over from scratch.
I agree about the Serenity......they just didn't sell well enough to justify making the rest of them.....(of course this was partially for the same reason the first Futurama figs didn't sell well) because a lot of folks didn't want to buy Mal and Jayne when they weren't sure they were gonna get the rest.

I know that I only got Mal....if I ever see Jayne at a decent price I'd get it.....but I would very much like to add Book, Wash, River, Kaylee and the rest.
Thats a nice collection you got. Im a big firefly/serenity fan myself and i was just wondering as im going to buy one, is the serenity ship a good piece as its always hard to tell from just photos :woot:

cheers :woot:
I can't believe I forgot this one. Here's my Serenity model, which is a custom (not by me). I need to make a base for it.

I assume you're talking about the Serenity ornament. I have it, it isn't bad. I can display it all year, and at Christmas time, I can put it on my tree, so that's cool. The reaver version isn't as cool.

Thank you. It's an old Horizon kit (RIP). All of them are, except for Han Solo and Serenity. Horizon made some really nice stuff.
Here's the ornament.

There's also a 3 piece PVS set, which I actually like.


that big model looks nice, and the close up pics of the 3 piece pvc set shows them off nicely i shall have to purchase them :oldrazz:
Finished this model today. Very happy with how it came out. This thing is a classic.


Thanks. Later this week, I'm gonna get some fake moss to hang down over the cave (I guess that's what you'd call it?). It'll help a little to cover the massive cap in the base...should have filled that. Gillman looks friggin' awesome though, not to toot my own horn.
Finished this model today. Very happy with how it came out. This thing is a classic.



very sweet, I'm not much into building models (I don't have patience for it) but my dad builds them. he has most of the old aurora models.
btw are you missing pieces (lizard and bone hand) to the creature or you just didn't want them ?
models seem really hard to paint.. but damn have u done a good job
btw are you missing pieces (lizard and bone hand) to the creature or you just didn't want them ?

I opted not to use them.

This is one of 4 models my dad gave me a few weeks ago. The next one I do will be King Kong. The others are Hunchback and a Batwing kit from the '89 movie.

Spideyboy-Thank you. You seem like the kind of guy who knows quality when he sees it, so coming from you, that means alot.
whadday mean he knows quality? For all you know your Seas Creature might look like a Penis


Actually it looks great and Spidey does know his stuff
Ever get around to seeing Cowboy Bebop?
This ain't your thread, is it? :hoboj:

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