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Bruce Timm now admits Joker should've had red lips.


Nov 22, 2005
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I was watching World's Finest with commentary and Bruce said how Dini was complaining about the WB show looking too simple and that the Joker needed RED lips, he admits now that The Joker should've had RED lips.
Well, I agree with him. The only change I did like was the Batsuit, the Joker just didn't look right.
Whatever. It doesn't really matter that much.
...I never reallly noticed cause it was animated.
I didn't really like that version, his eyes were weird. The one in JL was the best.
the Joker in The original series and JL looked great, that plain crap was stupid, black eyes, no red lips, very dull and took too much away from the character. Even the Bat suit got icky.

I like to watch something that pops off the screen, something worth watching, don't get all cheap. Why watch something that looks like a ten year old drew.
I heard the commentary a while back, and I remember him saying something very different. In any case, I didn't particularly miss the red lips. The very choppy animation from the original run made The Joker look a tad bit feminine with his red lips. The superior animation in TNBAS probably would have handled it better, but all the same, I didn't particularly miss the red lips. But seeing the ROTJ design in TNBAS would have been awesome. But aside from the lack of red lips, The Joker design looks fine to me. I absolutely love the design from the TNBAS era; I can't praise "Over The Edge" enough. I hope we'll see more of the designs in future DTV's.
Nah, Bruce had it right the first time. No need for red lips.
he looked more maniacle without the lipstick. he looked more ... dead and definitely not very friendly.
AND like a transgendered clown......which, I guess is the point of the Joker looking that way.
Original BTAS Joker looked waaaaay better than the TNBA Joker, IMO.
I'm in the Pro-red lips camp. I thought that change was pretty bad. Actually, I thought a lot of the changes were pretty bad.
SpyderDan said:
I'm in the Pro-red lips camp. I thought that change was pretty bad. Actually, I thought a lot of the changes were pretty bad.
Same here.

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