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Building a "Real World" Batman Suit


Jul 15, 2003
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Hey, I'm a newbie, heh. Just looking for some insight into a project of mine. I'm looking to get it done by Halloween.

I want to create a Batman suit unlike any other, one that is firmly grounded in the real world. The way I figure it, no one would wear spandex or molded rubber if they were to become a vigilante (hypothetically speaking). That nixes the cape, as well.

So far my suit is as follows-

-A trench coat replacing the cape. The collar flipped up. The sleeves strapped down by buckled straps.

-Underneath the coat, a pleather high collar shirt.

-A large bat logo across the chest, also serving as a fastener for the trench coat.

-Leather gloves with pointed "claw" fingers.

-Cowl (not yet built) - probably pleather/pvc with white lenses. Daredevil-ish.

If anyone has any ideas, insights, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
you need a cool utility belt....like a cop one or something
A black semi-heavy curtain that has weights sewn in on the bottom with a light wire frame might be a better cape.
Dude. You want to build a Batman suit? Why don't you just save up and buy one from a hire shop?
Because its not costing much money at all. I already have most of what I need.

I just finished building the wireframe for the cowl, which I'm covering in vinyl.
My thoughts on the creation of real life costume:

Well the trench coat would need to be made of the same material fire fighters wear. This would protect the wearer from simple fires and heat.

under the coat the user would wear the same under linning race car drivers wear again procect wear from fire and the like if the coat is ever removed. on top of that would have to be a thick leather jump suit similar to motor bike riders. to protect from bumps and scrapes. on top of that would be a kevlar body vest and leg paddding to stop bullets.

also the forearms could be covered in some kevlar padding....

as for the face, fire proof mask...of some kind.....

also rubber gloves and shoes to earth the wearer in case of some kind of electrical mishap.

SPECIAL NOTE TO FUTURE CRIME FIGHTERS: be preparered to sweat and collaspe of dehydration if wearing such a costume.


I think a store bought cowl might set the costume just right. I enclosed a picture of an old one from the original batman movie. It has the cowl included so you might want to consider the second movie one. The costume sounds cool you should post pictures.
How's this coming? I'd love to see pics.
It sounds a lot like what I've done for a "Realworld" bat uniform.
so far it sounds good dude I actually have a mental picture of what it would look like it sounds like it would be like a what if comic like "What if Bruce was middle class" you know it sounds like he is just starting out as Batman and Hasn't made a
"real" suit yet
That sounds awsome. i think that the cowl should be as close to the original as possible to kepp the feel. I'd check around places that sell ninja and karate stuff for a utillity belt. I've seen um for like five bucks and if you check under the knives or throwing star sections they somtimes have bat shaped throwers for cheep too.
The good thing about a trench coat is you can substitute pockets for belt if it doesn't fit.
HarleyLover: That actually sounds pretty awesome - I could see it being in a TV series. If you ever finish it, be sure to post some pics! :)

By the way, welcome to the boards.
Hey Frank were you the one doing the Ultimate Spidey fanfilm? Or am I confused with names again??? OK I'm gonna make a "real world" one to and all I need is a cowl but I have no idea on how to make one,aby tips?
The last post was 11-04-2003 02:07 PM.
So I guess the answer is no. :down
I've looked it over. If you can't download the file then try again in an hour. I have a 4.8 meg download restriction per hour. The file is almost 4 megs.

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