BvS Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

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    Perhaps I am
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    New little scene for my WF fan script :woot:


    SUPERMAN’S POV: The camera blurs in and out of focus. He’s staring straight up at a CATHEDRAL of stalactites, hanging above him like a gaping maw of stone. We hear what Clark hears: the SCREECHING of hundreds, thousands of bats, their wings fluttering as they flit about the darkness. Then he hears the telltale TAPPING of fingers on a keyboard.

    Superman groans as he rights himself, sitting up. As he realizes that he isn’t restrained, mild surprise plays at his face.

    Sitting at the foot of a MASSIVE, WIDE-SCREENED SUPERCOMPUTER at the far end of the cave is Batman: Back turned, cowl hanging about his shoulders, revealing close-cropped black hair.

    You’re awake. Good.

    Where am I?

    Gotham City. The Palisades.


    Relax. I took the liberty of informing your editor that I’d invited you to take an exclusive tour of Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences Division. I’m sure that’ll go a long way to getting you the journalistic credit you’ve been stringing for.​

    We pause on Superman’s face as the realization comes to him. Batman swivels around in the chair, revealing himself as BRUCE WAYNE. But we already knew that.

    I was planning on making this more of a dramatic occasion, but I guess this is as good a time as any.

    So you’re the psychotic vigilante?

    We all have our own methods, Clark. In my case it helps to establish a persona that discourages people from making stupid decisions. Not that they always get the hint. I’ve got this one clown who’s crazy enough to actively push my buttons on a regular basis.

    Your cowl...lead-lined?

    I’ve been operating in the shadows for well over a decade. And in that decade surveillance tech has jumped about twenty years. It gets harder to keep a low profile when there’s a camera on every street corner with x-ray and thermal imaging. I guess your special sight has similar restrictions.

    Alright, now get to the point. How do you know who I am? Why did you bring me here?

    You really think a pair of glasses and ruffled hair is enough to fool a guy like me? C'mon, Clark, I make a living playing roles. I know every tell there is.
    I’ve done my best to keep my efforts concentrated on Gotham. This is my home. I grew up here, and I intend to die here. One day. But recent events have brought to light certain realities. Paradigm shifts, if you will...​

    Wayne hits a key and a MAP flickers on screen. Several areas of the map are highlighted by red circles.

    You’re not the only big story to make my own personal headlines, Clark. Here--
    (points to a circle encompassing the general area of the “Bermuda Triangle”)
    --there’s been a dramatic increase in magnetic fluctuations over the past five years. And here--
    (another circle, over Coast City, CA)
    I managed to retrieve records of a similar “crash landing” to the one that brought you here.
    (pause, the two stare at each other)
    Clark, these are just two examples of metanormal activity. There are dozens of instances happening across the planet. And now Lex Luthor is collecting this.​

    Wayne swivels around and brings up a high-focus image. Clark’s blood interspersed with microscopic green particles.

    Your friend Zod left a lot more behind than just a bunch of tech for us to reverse-engineer. His ship carried radioactive fragments of your destroyed homeworld along with it. It reacts adversely to your physiology. It’s why I brought you here. You need to know that there are people who can help you, but that there are also people who want to hurt you and control you. If for no other reason than their own personal gain. I can’t afford to be naïve, Clark. Not in this line of work. And neither can you. So do yourself a favor, and keep one eye on your back. It doesn’t matter if bullets bounce off your chest, everyone gets stabbed in the back at some point. And it always, always hurts.​
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    I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your writing.
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    Thanks guys!! I actually have this idea of bringing them together and building that cautious trust first, then tearing them apart, so when the showdown goes down it's that much more climactic.
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    I would love that. That's how I imagine it too.
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    Superman is eating some donuts.

    I come in with Wonder Woman...And talk to him about a group of superheroes; The Justice League.

    He tells me some lame joke and credits roll....On second thought! That feels a bit cheesy.

    OH WAIT!
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    We should be suggesting that hey put an after credits scene in this film for a change.
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    You did that!
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    Does anyone remember the episode of Lois & Clark where Lex "field tests" the limits of Superman's abilities? I know that show is generally frowned upon, but I think that'd be something cool to see in BvS. I'll have a go sometime this weekend :woot:
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    I like your writing. You've got a really vivd, colorful way in your wording, but this scene is just the slightest bit corny compared to the tone of the kind of reminds me of the Team Rocket intro from Pokemon when I was a kid.
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    Well done, Sentinel. I rather enjoyed reading that. :up:
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    [black screen]

    V.O. (SUPERMAN): Why did you come back?

    [Intro Logos]

    [Metropolis skyline]

    [Wayne Enterprises Jet, with Bruce disembarking]

    [Lois meets Bruce on the runway with a mike]

    LOIS: Mr. Wayne...

    [Lexcorp Building]

    V.O. (LOIS): Reports are you've come to sign a weapons manufacturing contract with Lex Luthor.

    [Lex Luthor, in his office, turns toward the camera]

    [Bruce and Lex shake hands at a dinner party]

    [Lois and Bruce at runway]

    LOIS: Care to comment?

    BRUCE: I don't enter into partnerships lightly.

    [Dinner party, Bruce walks in with Diana Prince on his arm]

    [They are seated at a table with Lex and his girlfriend]

    DIANA: Everything is changing, Bruce.

    LEX: We live in a post-Superman world.

    [Superman rushes towards a crashing monorail train]

    [Superman lands on the ground with two people safe in his arms]

    [zoom in on Lex]

    LEX: I intend to adapt to it.

    [Lexcorp: Lex stands in front of a line of Kryptonian tech robots]

    [John Corben, Metallo, being operated upon, his chest glowing green]

    [Clark and Martha on the farm]

    CLARK: I thought I could trust the world.

    [Clark battles Metallo in the streets]

    V.O. (CLARK): But the world has turned against me.

    [Martha on the steps]

    MARTHA: People need to be saved from themselves, Clark.

    [More Superman action scenes]

    [Wonder Woman battles a robot]

    V.O. (BATMAN): Your presence here is a threat.

    V.O. (SUPERMAN): And you? Have you made Gotham a better place?

    [Superman stands in the rain. He looks tired. Blood drips from his nose.]

    SUPERMAN: You've brought nothing but darkness.

    [Batman stands across from him.]

    BATMAN: Darkness isn't alien to Gotham. It was born here.


    [Quick shot of Batman / Superman fighting in the rain]

    [Wonder Woman lands on a bright Metropolis street]

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    ^ I really dig that, nice work!!
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    I'm a big fan of TSAS episode with Metallo called "The Way of All Flesh". Lex gives a terrorist called John Corben a Kryptonite heart and and sends him to kill Superman, turning him into Metallo. If Metallo is included I think it could make for a very good mechanism that Lex uses to turn the public against Superman. In the episode Metallo looks like a human, Lex would probably make it look like Superman is attacking an innocent human to demonize Supes. Long shot but it could be a cool inclusion.

    If both of the movies' villains are Superman's it might also calm the "Batman is stealing Supes' movie!!" brigade.
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    Here's an idea for a teaser that won't actually be applied as an after-credits sequence. I'm thinking something like this as a first act of the film set piece.

    SCENE: Clark Kent's apartment. NIGHT. We see CLARK lying on his side, completely asleep. We hear sounds of war starting to leak into the soundtrack. ZOOM in on Clark's closed eyes, that we can see clearly twitching.

    SUDDENLY, we see a flash of a battle, accompanied by a tremendous increase in the volume. Flash back to Clark sleeping, his eyes twitching even more. This repeats, then we hold on the dream.

    SCENE: We ZOOM out on SUPERMAN's face. Clearly frantic and hurting, we see his nose is bleeding and his face is covered in grime and soot. We see him straining to slow down and redirect a falling airplane, one huge airplane with a somewhat futuristic look. We follow the plane back to see that it says AIR FORCE ONE. We pan back even more, to see the plane is being swarmed by something, the wings are torn off, a green light fills the sky, and the ground is glowing with fire and artillery.

    Suddenly, the creatures swarming the plane are violently shoved out. We see WONDER WOMAN, in her full armor and regalia, a warrior princess in the heat of battle. A wounded bald man in a torn dress suit is holding on to her.

    SUPERMAN: Is he it!?

    WONDER WOMAN: (clearly angry) We're to late for the rest!

    SUPERMAN: (quietly,brokenly)...dammit. Get him out. I'll take care of them.

    Wonder Woman spears one of the creatures, which makes a mechanical sound as she and her passenger glide swiftly to the Earth. We see Superman toss the remaining fuselage into the air, brace himself, and then as we follow Wonder Woman to the ground, we see the creatures being decimated in the background by Superman.

    The heroes land in a ruined command center, where we barely glimpse vague figures that could be an archer, a crimson speedster, and other possible heroes defending a besieged perimeter against numerous others. The command center holds thousands of desperate, despairing refugees. They land near a massive computer bank that silhouettes a dark cloaked figure. BATMAN.

    SUPERMAN: Where are we weakest?

    BATMAN: Southern corridor. (He pauses. Bad news.) Rayner's running out of charge.

    SUPERMAN: I'll get him.

    BATMAN: Clark....we've spotted it. Doomsday's there.

    They exchange a respectful look. They nod. Superman takes off.

    Wonder Woman helps the bald man to his feet, but she holds him somewhat distastefully.

    BATMAN: Mr. President. Mr. President!

    He is ignored.

    BATMAN: Luthor!

    LEX LUTHOR raises his head, looking just as beat up as everyone else.

    LEX: What?

    BATMAN: Your capital just fell. The United States no longer exist. There are only three remaining safe zones in the entire world, and you just abandoned 400,000 people to die. Did you activate it?

    LEX: Activate what, pray tell?

    WONDER WOMAN: Brother Eye. The OMAC project.

    LEX: No. I'm afraid the alien damaged my equipment in one of his rampages a few years ago. I was trying to reach Roswell when our cloak fell.

    BATMAN: ...Diana, call Palmer in.

    WONDER WOMAN: ...No, it can't be the end. We can hold them.

    LEX: Open your eyes, Princess. Your League has failed. My Legion faired no better. The subatomic realm might be our only sanctuary now. And the alien our only hope of curtailing that beast, or at least holding him off long enough to escape Anti-Life.

    Suddenly, the sky's green glow ceases. Luthor looks to the sky in despair. Batman tightens his jaw and immediately starts tapping something on the computer.

    BATMAN: Diana-

    She touches his shoulder understandingly.

    WONDER WOMAN: I know.

    She slowly, confidently strides backwards, drawing her sword and shield. They exchange another meaningful look. Then she takes off toward she sky, which we see darken in a massive shadow.

    Lex: (mockingly) May I have a gun?

    Batman wordlessly hands him a laser weapon. We see the perimeter collapse, and hordes of figures begin swarming the center. We see Lex blasting away before being overwhelmed. Batman cuts through dozens of foes, before they suddenly withdraw and give him space. We focus on a scuffed but well made shoe. Batman turns toward the man wearing them.

    BATMAN: (his voice just barely breaking) Not you. Please...Not you.

    We see ALFRED PENNYWORTH, his eyes red and his skin gray.

    ALFRED: (his voice seemingly disembodied) Master Bruce.

    SUDDENLY, we're looking down on a sleeping Bruce Wayne in a much more elegant bedroom. His eyes snap open. Alfred, here unchanged and healthy looking, shakes his shoulder.

    ALFRED: Master Bruce!

    Bruce flails a punch in the air as he awakes. Alfred catches it with surprisingly good reflexes. He smile.

    ALFRED: Another bad dream, sir?

    Bruce tries to give Alfred a reassuring smile back, but it doesn't quite look right.
    Cut to Bruce doing a morning workout while observing the Batcomputer. Alfred is running him through his itinerary.

    ALFRED: ...And then at 2200 you have a scheduled appointment with Miss Diana Prince...well that's odd, sir. You've left the rest of this blank. Anything special about this charming lady, Master Bruce?

    We see Bruce focus on the image on the computer. It's Wonder Woman in an elegant dress at a political function.

    BRUCE: Maybe.
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    Watchtower should soooooo be Super Café..
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    DarkSentinel, I love your writing. But for some reason I can't help hearing Kevin Conroy's voice in my head while reading those.
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    Following up on the last idea for a teaser for Justice League in this movie.

    SCENE: The street outside Lex Towers. Bruce Wayne, his eyes covered by sunglasses to conceal some of his beaten face, approaches his luxury limousine. Alfred, wearing a non-traditional driver's outfit of a shooting jacket on top of a sweater with driving gloves, opens the door for him.

    CLARK: (Off Screen) Wayne! Hold up!

    BRUCE: No more questions from the press, please and thank you. It's been a rough day, and right now there's a $70 steak with my name on it.

    Clark runs up behind them.

    CLARK: And so does this file. And above that it says 'Extra-terrestrial defense grid: An argument against implementation.'

    Bruce turns around immediately giving the file a quick look.

    BRUCE: Heh. That's classified, Mister...Kent, right? And when I say classified, I'm only repeating what I was told by the National Security Advisor before he started listing several unpleasant consequences that would come if I revealed that information to anyone who wasn't screened. So, where'd you get it?

    CLARK: I have my sources.

    BRUCE: And I have my cell phone. So why shouldn't I just go and rat you out right now?

    CLARK: Because we both know Lex Luthor stole this system out from under you after you got cold feet, and we both know he's changed this thing into a weapon that could be used against anyone, not just aliens. And we both want to stop it.

    BRUCE: (pause) Would you like a ride Mr. Kent? I think we could get a lot out of a talk.

    Clark nods then enters the limousine. Bruce pauses, turns toward Alfred.

    BRUCE: Not a word.

    Alfred, smiling smugly, closes the door after him.

    Interior of the limousine. Bruce and Clark sit facing each other, Clark near a window that shines sunlight on his face, Bruce near the shadowy back end.

    BRUCE: So did you read it?

    CLARK: Yes. You wanted to cut all funding and scrap the entire project after Luthor started making adjustments to the project's objectives. And you almost blew the cover on this whole thing after he adjusted its M.O.

    BRUCE: Yes, yes I did. The system was meant to be a contingency in the case of another alien attack like the one that struck Smallville and Metropolis last year. Regardless of who the attacker was.

    CLARK: I noticed that. You had someone take down an entire threat assessment and profile of Superman's tactical capabilities and typical behavior. He was the primary target in mind when you first conceived this thing. Which was the day after the attack.

    BRUCE: (smiling grimly) Sounds like you're accusing me of something.

    CLARK: The day after he saves this city, you immediately draw up an AI concept that would react to any attack he makes, and you buy up the patents for experimental weapon designs that all have the potential to harm him. He saves billions of lives, and you're already planning a way to put him six feet under.

    BRUCE: No. Not to kill him. I had no idea how to do that, and I had no desire to. But in those three days, from the time Zod issued his ultimatum to his death, our whole world changed. Your people demolished a town in a barroom brawl and almost destroyed the world. Not just a city, or a country, but the whole world.

    CLARK: ...My people.

    BRUCE: Yes, Clark, or Superman, or whatever your birth name is, your people.

    Bruce takes off his sunglasses, so we can see his eyes and the bruises around them.

    BRUCE: That file has no digital copy and has way too much critical information for me to leave it around where even a professional thief could find it. You followed me last night after our little throw down, didn't you? You tracked the Batman back to his cave.

    CLARK: (takes off his own glasses, laying it all on the table) Yeah, I did. I wouldn't have found it otherwise. A cargo hauler in the middle of thousands of lead lined boxes on one of dozens of ships in Metropolis harbor.

    BRUCE: I'm surprised you could follow anything after that shock.

    CLARK: And I'm surprised you can walk. That was a wall I threw you through, y'know.

    BRUCE: How'd you follow me?

    CLARK: I tracked your heartbeat. I couldn't see after you hit me with that...thing you made, but I could keep my focus your heart until I could see again. (Pause) When did you figure out I was Clark Kent? Before or after the gala?

    BRUCE: Well before. A week after you killed Zod. I put together enough circumstantial evidence to narrow it down to someone from Smallville born around 1980. Then I located you working at the Planet with Lane.

    Clark gets a worried look on his face.

    BRUCE: ...Then I covered all our tracks, both yours and mine. Some people shouldn't have access to that kind of information. People like Luthor. And I have to admit, the sheer chutzpah of your disguise actually does go a long way towards redirecting attention.

    There's a pause, Clark tilts his head in disbelieve. Bruce just shrugs.

    CLARK: Why'd you change your mind?

    BRUCE: You... Demonstrated control and altruism. The world trusts you. I shouldn't be plotting to destroy the last survivor of an ancient race if he's spending his time saving people.

    There is a long pregnant pause.

    CLARK: Bull. You were going full steam ahead until February 29th. Something changed your mind. What was it?

    BRUCE: (Pause) Luthor's overseeing the final construction phase tonight. We both know he can't deploy the entire satellite. He'll be able to annihilate anything he can lock the Omac's cannons on. Meet me at your Dailey Planet, and we can work on stopping him.

    CLARK: (Nods) I'll be there. But why did you change your mind?

    BRUCE: Listen, I have someone I have to meet, and it is a matter of life and death. And I have a feeling that date has some meaning to you as well. Meet me tonight, and I'll tell you.

    ALFRED: (through a speaker) Master Bruce, we're here.

    The two men glare at each other for a second. Then Clark politely nods his head.

    CLARK: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Pennyworth.

    ALFRED: You're welcome, Master Kent.

    Clark exits the limousine. As he exits, he looks up and locks eyes with DIANA PRINCE, WONDER WOMAN from the dream sequence earlier in the movie. Diana seems intrigued and somewhat pleasantly surprised, while Clark is shocked. Behind them, Bruce has risen from the other side of the Limo and is carefully observing the two.

    BRUCE: Clark Kent, Diana Prince. Diana, Clark. And I am Bruce Wayne, and I believe we have an appointment.

    Clark gives Bruce a glare, then heads off, hailing a taxi.

    BRUCE: Well, Miss, I think you and I have much to discuss.

    Diana gives him a knowing smirk.

    DIANA: I know.
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    What if every character got a trailer? I mean, WB would be doing a pretty big media blitz, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that it'd have more trailers than usual films do, especially given the fact that there could be online-only trailers, etc... I remember there being certain trailers and/or featurettes for Avengers, for example, that focused entirely on certain characters. So, with that in mind, here's one:


    We are following the footsteps of a lone figure, only able to see his fancy shoes and the bottom of his nice dress-pants. We hear a click-clack as he walks on the almost hospital-like floor, as if the floor is made of some sort of metal. Like it's been reinforced. As the man reaches some sort of door and we hear the beeps-and-boops of security panel (we brief cut to see his hands punch in the code of 2-4-1-9-4-0), we hear his voice. It's a calm but charismatic voice, with some sophistication behind it but also coldness.

    MAN (V.O.)
    I've never been much for mythology, I've always liked to focus more on the future....

    The door opens, and we now enter...

    It's on the darker side, but still lit enough where we can see things. We now see the figure walk from behind, his figure in silhouette, moving towards the back of the large laboratory as what few scientists are there scatter out of his way, with the exception of one or two who just pass him some papers that he quickly discards as he continues to speak to us in VO.

    MAN (V.O.)
    But some things can be learned from it. For one, they tell us that all men must die. We are weak, our bones can shatter, age can ravage us... we are but playthings to greater beings....

    QUICK CUT of a figure, perhaps THE BATMAN, being thrown through a wall by some unseen assailant, before we cut back to the man walking through.

    MAN (V.O.)
    ...But, it also tells us that even the strongest can be defeated. In Norse Myth, the god Balder was felled by an arrow of mistletoe, in the Bible, the giant Goliath was felled by a boy with a sling...

    The man is stopped by an important-looking scientist, who shakes the man's hand and the man continues his speech...

    MAN (V.O.)
    ...There was some Persian hero who could only be killed by something made from some special tree. And then, there was Achilles...

    The Scientist motions to the man to follow him, and they begin to head towards a small container near the back of the laboratory.

    MAN (V.O.)
    ...He was a demigod, but his mother wanted more. She bathed him in the river Styx, bringing him immortality to all areas where his skin touched the water.... he was free of all harm...

    SNAP CUT to bullets bouncing off a blue-clad body, presumably SUPERMAN'S, before we cut again to the man and the scientist. We see them now looking at the container, the lighting just dark enough for us not to see who they are... the Man begins to open the container...

    MAN (V.O.)
    He was immortal everywhere... except the place his mother held him by....

    A GREEN LIGHT comes out of the container, bathing LEX LUTHOR and EMMET VALE...

    ...his heel.

    LEX grabs the KRYPTONITE from the container and holds it up... and SMILES.

    And as we fade to the title image of the Superman S and Batman insignia interlocked, we hear a garbly recording of some classically trained actor reciting some of Apollo's words to the Trojan Paris before he killed Achilles.

    “-Take good aim at great Achilles and at last avenge your hapless brothers whom he gave to death."

    Cut to release date. Fade to black.

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    I would love it if they made some sort of reference to the Super Cafe, not sure how it could be pulled off though.
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    -The scene begins with a slow camera shot of the stadium,fans cheering in unison.-

    Commentator: well here we are people, here to watch two rival collages play some football! Gotham vs Metropolis!

    (Fans go nuts)

    -inside one of the booths up in the gods, Bruce Wayne is seated with lex.-

    Lex: I'm telling you Bruce, this alien is trouble. Without rules and restrictions it's a ticking time bomb my friend, and we owe it to the people to be better prepared for the inevitable.

    (Bruce remains silent, watching the game unfold.)

    Lex: come with me this Saturday and I'll show you something, something that will allow the people of metropolis to sleep sound in their beds.

    (Bruce breaks away from the game. )

    Bruce: having trouble sleeping luthor?

    ( lex smiles as he reminisces )

    Lex: first. I couldn't sleep knowing that earth was a mistake away from becoming a play ground for beings of immense power.

    Bruce: this kryptonion seems different from his angry and vengeful friends.

    Lex : don't let it fool you, flying around with bright colours and all, but it's not going to be "friendly" forever.

    Bruce:look Lex, I've pooled my resources to help with the re building of downtown metropolis, But this Kal ha..

    Lex: Alien. ( his face is dead serious)

    Bruce: this KAl-El has helped rebuild and lowered metropolis' crime. In short, these are not the actions of a monster. The way I see it, as horrible as it was, he stopped our very existence from ending. From ENDING Lex.

    ( Lex scratches his throat )

    Bruce:whatever you're doing, you're wasting valuable time. there is still plenty to do for metropolis.

    ( lex smiles at Bruce )

    Lex: time will tell. The alien will fall from his high horse, no one is that altruistic.

    ( Alfred approaches with company )

    Alfred: a Mr Victor Stone, master Bruce.

    (Bruce swivels and opens his arms wide)

    Bruce: well now this is a treat, ( gets up and looks at lex) I haven't seen this enormous mountain of a man since watching him play collage football! Too busy in the big leagues these days I bet.

    ( Bruce leaves an indifferent lex to shake victors hands )

    Vic stone : it's nice to see you too Mr Wayne. It has been some time, your looking good for a man pushing fifty. What's in the water over in Gotham?

    ( Bruce gestures Vic to sit with them as lex politely introduces himself )

    Bruce: how's your dad? I hear he's making all kinds of incredible things over at star labs.

    ( victors eyes are drawn to the game out of force of habit )

    Vic stone: he's good yeah. He's still trying to get me to put on the white coat, seems being an athlete confuses him, he doesn't get why I chose a career in football over standing at his side in star labs. It's been a while since talking to him to be honest. But he's good. Crazier than usual actually.

    Lex: your father is a brilliant man Mr Stone, it's thanks to his systems that lexcorp runs efficiently and flawless.

    Vic stone: if he comes out of that underground bunker I'll thank him for you.

    Bruce: your father understands better than you think victor. Besides, life's too short, take it from the orphan.

    ( Alfred cuts in )
    Alfred: master Wayne, Wayne enterprise has called, they need your approval.

    ( Bruce nods and quickly slaps lex and Vic's shoulders )

    Bruce: my apologies gentlemen, business is business.

    ( Bruce gets to the door then turns)
    Bruce: and victor? You're a damn fine athlete, you do whatever makes you happy.

    (Victor smiles and nods )

    (Lex shouts)
    Lex: offer still stands for Saturday Bruce, don't be afraid to question the alien!

    - now in the hallway-

    Bruce: whatever I'm doing Saturday, cancel it.

    Alfred: right you are sir. Should I prepare your "dinner suit" sir?
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    So this isn't an actual fan-scene but my thoughts on the film. I think this movie should basically be Catching Fire starring superheroes. In that (brilliant) movie, Katniss becomes a beacon of hope for the Districts and it's decided by the authorities that she must be killed. Swap Katniss for Superman, and President Snow for Lex Luthor, and you've got my idea for World's Finest.

    -It's been two years since the Battle of Metropolis. Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises have joined forces to rebuild the city, with half of it reduced to a slums-esque state. Lexcorp is everywhere. Manufacturing weapons and drones for the army, a whole range of satellites and remote drones patrolling the skies/space for alien activity, building high-tech research facilities for the government and, in secret, mining the planet for long forgotten alien minerals...

    -At the centre of all this is Luthor; the poster boy of Planet Earth. This guy is a ****ing *******, right to the core. His beliefs are that "everybody is a bad guy," they just hide it with fake normality to conform to society. As a result of this, Lex is the ultimate product of society, playing up his charitable donations and good intentions so that he has the human race in the palm of his hand.

    -The main theme of the movie would be hope, and it's essentially a social commentary on the world today and how we need a Superman to save us. All across the globe, people are rising up, using the 'S' icon as a symbol for their acts, and some are even becoming superheroes themselves - these are of course the Justice League, and will be hinted and teased at throughout the movie. Lex Luthor despises Superman so much because as far as he's concerned, he created hope, to further his public image. In secret, he's been orchestrating terrorist attacks for a very long time and then publicly giving money to help the victims. For years Lex has been creating a false sense of hope and security for people to believe in when actually he is behind everything. In short, he's a bastard. Superman has come in and in one instant people are looking to him for guidance. The guy who saved the planet from aliens. Lex could never do that, and that just fuels his hatred and jealousy of Superman. However at the same time this is the perfect opportunity: kill Superman and the public return to him. This is Luthor's motivation that will drive this and future movies.

    -Batman is an urban legend. There's a scene where Lois tells Clark about all the "heroes" rising up because of him, and he says that he wasn't the first. He'd heard stories of a man who dressed up as a bat in Gotham City while he travelled the world, but now there are barely any sightings. This iteration of the character is reclusive, mostly hiding in the Batcave and watching the events of the city unfold via his many computer screens. Bruce Wayne, however, is a complete and utter socialite; parties, booze, hookers, you name it. Of course this is all just an act to avoid suspicion. Bruce is fueled by paranoia, and is naturally keeping tabs on Superman, Lex and other future JL members, and is just one CCTV footage copy away from deducing Supes' secret identity.

    -In their conversation, Clark describes Batman as "Sherlock Holmes in tights". You go to him with a crime that needs solving and he'll do it. Lex tracks down Batman and tasks him with taking down Superman, to which he refuses because he doesn't kill. Infuriated, Lex threatens Bats, but he takes Luthor down easily, forcing him to consult other means. However, this intrigues Bruce; publicly, he and Lex are business partners and friends, but this encounter proves to him everything he needs to know.

    -Wonder Woman will not be seen in costume. The earliest reports of her appearance in the movie said that she would be Bruce's love interest, and she is - but she's undercover as his secretary, positioning herself as a liaison between Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises to gain information and report back to Themyscira. I haven't really worked out how she'll figure into the plot.

    -Clark's character arc in the movie involves trying to become this "beacon of hope" that Superman apparently is, and the guilt of knowing that he murdered Zod. We'll see him slowly transition into the character we love from the comics, because he's only just started out in the DCCU, and he'll learn that he can't always fix everything.

    -Anyway I haven't really figured out the rest but Bats and Supes will meet, they'll fight, there'll be Kryptonite, Batman will beat Superman with that, they team up to defeat the common enemy etc etc, textbook stuff. There's been some reports that Doomsday will be in this film, and he'll be Lex's secret weapon. He crashed on Earth thousands of years ago, and Lex has spent the past year training Doomsday and genetically modifying it so that it's goal is to kill Superman. There's also been some reports that the movie will end on a cliffhanger and lead into Justice League in 2016. My idea is that Doomsday either kills or fatally wounds + imprisons Clark, leading to Lex succeeding. Batman has been keeping tabs on all these "heroes" popping up - a guy who can make stuff appear with his mind, some dude with superspeed, a warrior princess... The plot of Justice League would be Batman assembling his team of heroes to free Superman and take down Lex + Doomsday. The last scene of the first film would be Bruce looking up at his monitors as we see different superheroes - Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman etc - on each screen, and promptly making fans and audience everywhere squeal with delight.

    These are just my thoughts and theories and probably a lot of this won't actually be in the movie, but hopefully I got some stuff right!
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