Ca. high school exposed for student created "fantasy **** league"

The link doesn't work because whichever dirty word is in the headline/url, it's being censored.

Ah, it's the 4-letter S-word that's not really a cuss word, but the Hype censors it anyway. "Slot" with a U instead of an O.
So it's a bunch of, from the sound of the town, rich white kids being entitled sexist self absorbed *****ebags.

Yeah I'm not surprised by this.
Today's children are tomorrow's future...
While I agree that this situation is sexist and deplorable, what we're really looking at here is what goes on in high schools all the time (a contest to see if X will get some from Y) with a score sheet added in.
So...... who won the Shiva bowl? :o
I wonder how trades worked?
Was there a waiver wire?
How many teams were in the league?

I bet low self esteem girls were the RBs of this league
I'd hate to see the sabermetrics data models for this league.
The spread takes on a whole new meaning.

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