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can an AMERICAN answer my question please?

at my work, we uses to be called "cart shaggiers" back in the day
this stopped shortly after Austin Powers came out LOL (really)

on the schedules the job description is "carry out"

but, cart attendants, parking lot attendant, carriage collector, cart boy, that dude over there in the orange vent, carriage jockey lol, all get throw around quite a bit (there’s no, one official name for, I guess)

of course, on my resume, I am a transporter of mobile food storage containment units LOL
(just, to put a BS twist on it, make it sound more important)

you better hope you never come shopping at my store

a Jobs, a Jobs

its easily one of the most under appreciated jobs, out there

(though, I personally did it, cause, I got to be outside, with as lil interaction with the customers and managers as possible, get plenty of fresh air, and its great exercise)
i call em baskets with wheels, or shopping carts, and i call the guys who rack the carts, cart pushers.
my friend used to do that...

...we would often call him cart-pusher or cart-boy.
At the store I work at, they call them "Service clerks."

I call them, "the only black dudes the company will hire."

Cuz they're the only black dudes the company will hire.
This may sound really stupid but I am wanting to know an answer to the following.........

In australia we call shopping carts, Trolleys ok.........and the people who collect the trolleys left in the car parks of supermarkets and malls are usually called "Trolley boys" What do you Americans call the ones who collect your shopping carts left in the car pars of your supermarkets and malls ?

If anyone could help it would be appreciated..............



around here, the bag boys are the ones that have to get the carts

we also call them parking lots instead of car parks... parks are places with grass and trees that you go to have a picnic in.

supermarkets are also called "Wal-Mart" now :o
well there jobs usually arn't just getting the carts.. its just one of the things they do.. and ive never heard the job been given a name other then... "so and so is getting the shopping carts"

the cart pusher at my job, that is the only thing that he does. we have 16 registers. his job is to go get all the hand baskets picked up when their running low at the door and to push all the carts to the cart area. he is also responsible for getting all the carts out in the parking lot.

he get's 100 bucks a day to do this
One time my mom and I were at the store (I was maybe 12) and this guy had parked across THREE spaces so no one would scratch his precious car. So my mom gathered a bunch of shopping carts and surrounded his car, each one just barely touching it. I would have loved to see him come out and freak
Boxboy or Boxgirl depending on gender. The title Flunky would also fit.
I worked in a grocery store when I was 16, and I'm American, technically the job title was Courtesy Clerk. Picking up carts was part of the job.
Hope that helps.
Thanks for all the responses. Much appreciated. It has cleared up a few things.

Over here in Australia, We have "Trolley boys" not being sexist but never seen a woman doing that job and so they get the title "trolley boys"....That is there entire job. Collecting trolleys left in the car parks....sorry 'Parking lots'.....

thanks for the info...

If anyone is interested in why i ask this..........cause I am writing a screenplay set in the USA and needed the correct terminology....

thanks people............

Pretty much every supermarket I've been to, like Lackey said, it was the baggers bringing carts in.
the supermarket i go to has dedicated "cart people".

one of them is a somewhat elderly man and the other is a younger guy. i see them almost every weekday morning running back and forth moving the carts from the parking lot cart return sheds back to the store.
We call them Buggy Pushers around here...though we don't call the carts buggys...we just call them Shopping Carts lol
down here in the south they call the trolleys "buggy" and I don't think the cart pushers get any specific title

It's been so long since I've heard someone else say 'buggy'(nice to see fellow southerners occasionally). Heh and yeah I never heard a specific term for those guys either.
Wal-mart calls them Service Support. They USED to be called cart pushers but I guess they got all uppity and wanted a more professional name to put on resumes.
I think they should call them Cart Dragons, just make them feel more important. Dragons are cool.
at my job we call them Baggers, because their other job is bagging :D
anyone here ever go around a store parking lot and put the carts up?

A couple months back I was partying with some friends, and I was drunk, and me and my friends got on the handicapped bike things at walmart, and were racing around the parking lot, then we got in a competion to see who could put the most carts up before the cops ran us off.
I call them Tom, Tom, Kevin, Kevin, and Jeff.

There really needs to be another Jeff. :(
We call them Buggy Pushers around here...though we don't call the carts buggys...we just call them Shopping Carts lol
Get OUT! :ekk:

No, really. :(

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