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1000 Things Not To Make A Wiki Page About.


Mar 26, 2006
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I found this amusing and thought i'd share. This is from a real page on Wiki.


(I Know theres only 188, but the original page says 1000)

The first rule of Wikipedia is you do not write about Fight Club.
The second rule of Wikipedia is you DO NOT write about Fight Club.
Your best friend
Your website
Your non-notable band that hasn't even released an album yet
When the cows won the war
Your unhealthy love for the wonderful Deyka Hassan
Your Youtube video
Your local shop in the middle of nowhere
Your gay friend
The air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow
That sport you made up in school yesterday
That dirt road that runs behind your house
A club that you formed yesterday that has exactly two members
Stuff that you like
Your pet
Something or someone that you work for
Your science fair project
How much you hate your teachers/friends/parents/pets/significant other
Your invention that you're going to make when you're 22
Another Wikipedian, unless they're actually notable
Your secret recipe
Your father's mother's brother's cousin's uncle's nephew's former roommate
The new word you made up yesterday
Something that's not even real
Games that you play
A lame celebrity who already has a surprisingly good article. The search button is there for a reason.
The vandal you admire
The admin who blocked your last sockpuppet
Your last sockpuppet
The cabal
Your Ex
Your Ex's new Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Notable things... or was that non-notable things?
Family Guy
Pokémon, Vice-presidents who have shot people, or Natasha Demkina, the Russian girl who claims to have X-ray vision.
Jimbo Wales
Farkisms and clichés that were funny last century and everyone knows never originated on Fark.com to begin with.
Your crashed Porsche
Your growing hate for Hannah Montana
Your Tennessee accent
Your sibling
Your encounter with Stephen King
Your mother-in-law
Your vacation to Chicago
That time you were robbed
Your local pool that nobody knows about
Your karate status
Your crappy lego model
Your awkward moment
Your paranormal experience
Your sex life
The film your friend made
The extras in that film
Your street
Your book
Your church
Your professor
Your principal who suspended you for doing something at school you shouldn't have (probably vandalizing Wikipedia on a school computer)
The tree in your backyard
The roundabout at the end of your street
Your boyfriend's girlfriend's boyfriend
How yummy that sandwich you just finished was
Your company
Your school
Your teachers
Elephants (but only if your name is Stephen Colbert)
Your ridiculously long, 300-page iPhone bill.
Desmond Dekker
That time you won a radio contest
The huge rock in your backyard
Your cute poodle
Your failed math test
Your rejection on American Idol
Your birthday
How long it took you to get a Wii
How long it took you to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Your trip to a Red Sox game
That time you saw a Lamborghini
ur txting addiction
That time you got in a fight with your best friend (who you shouldn't write an article about!!)
Your unpaid parking tickets
Pictures of your cat
Your school magazine
Your shopping centre
Your Penis
Your mom
Your artworks
A copy of an existing article under a slightly different title. Really. We're not THAT stupid
The novel you haven't published
Characters from the novel you haven't published
The novel you have published
Characters from the novel you have published
The "high communist cabal" in your school
The growing tensions between you and the teacher who was mad at you for winning the actual position on the actual lawmaking body over someone related to them, so organized the high communist cabal with your principal and left it in the hands of a "trusted" person, who ended up leaking everything they say at their communist cabal meetings to you.
A premonition you had of the future
films that have been announced, but don't actually exist.
Your gaming team
Your secret plans to kidnap Hulk Hogan.
The benefits of chewing with your mouth closed.
A proposal to your girlfriend.
What a rejected proposal felt like.
/b/. Remember rules 1 and 2.
Your love of Kevin Rose.
Times when you wake up behind an alley garbage can with your pants down.
Help regarding your quest to find the that hairy, fat, naked, bald guy who was following you on his bike at night.
Simon Magniti's cat.
High school musical.
How depressing your life is.
Your Own Blog (also don't add personal blogs in external links)
About "Remember when [insert event here] happened?"
And Never "That was the best time of my life!"
That awesome song by an American Idol contestant
How dragons are real because you saw this special on Animal Planet
Your favorite food
Your favorite new ice cream
Your animal rights campaigns or what you learned from any website run by PETA
Your verison of film company logos
The animated specials Cartoon All-Stars 2000's and Mickey Mouse in a find Ariel, Lilo, and Aladdin.
The haunted house in your neighborhood.
That one time you had Sex.
Even if it was incest.
Your amazing talent to play jingle bells on the piano with your nose.
That one time you played chess with a 10 year old. And actually won!
Your personal take on crop circles (even if you visited and explored each and every one of them and have genuine pictures to display).
That one time you sang or played an instrument for school/college/local club, even if you were highly appreciated. Till the time you haven't sold a million copies of your album or have toured as a guest with an established band/person, don't create an article!
That one time you saw Carmen Electra in the Mall's parking lot. Even if she looked/smiled/waved at you.
That Ringling Brothers Circus, which went defunct 80 years ago, abuses animals.
Zac Efron and how he is so totally hot.
How George W. Bush will destroy the world.
Dribbling and how it is annoying.
Why Jesse McCartney is hot.
The color of you carpet.
Aliens and how they abducted you.
The time you beat a girl.
The time a girl beat you.
The time you got hit in the nuts.
The time when you watched a tv show while drinking a soda and you laughed so hard that came out of your [insert orifice here].
A countdown to 1/20/09. Please.
A how-to about intercourse.
The game which you just lost.
Your mother.
Somebody else's mother.
Your mother's mother.
The stupid computer you're editing on which took you ten days to get it to Wikipedia.
Megan Duger and the supposed American Girl doll being made of her
Your Breakfast
Your lunch
Your bed
The for sale sign outside your neighbour's house
Kevin Oates
How the cashier lady in McDonalds was rude to you
How sad you are
The guide to find Spiderwick's guide in the library
Your insecurities on the size of your penis
How you got a ***** the first time you saw the video for Umbrella by Rihanna
Your quest to find some one who does not believe size matters
How Your Mad Because The Popular Girls All Have A Date To The Dance and You Don't Because You're Ugly!
How You Feel Like No One Cares about you or understands you
How you're mad at your teacher for giving you an F in her class
You're plans for assassinating George Bush
The squirrel thats jumping around in your backyard now
How you got in a hot argument with your teacher about whether Wikipedia is reliable or not
How you think all poodles look better painted pink
How "You punched that dragon so hard he breathed fire all over the world and caused global warming"
How you think Wikipedia is stupid, unreliable, inconsistent, and dumb
How any company is evil because they test on animals.
How the Iditorod was just created to abuse and kill puppies, and how Wikipedia and Anchorage Daily News are biased and written by animal abusers.
How all the Preps are stupid and ran away when you scared them!
How Hot Topic is cool and Abercrombie sucks.
That Fall Out Boy is Heavy Metal(there not)
The time one of the Jonas Brothers kissed you.
How your Penis is larger than everyone else's
How you are mad at proactiv acne creme for not working and you still have a bad acne problem
How you are now searching for a new cure for acne
That time you thought you saw Rosie O'Donnel when in reality it was just a cow that got loose
Why you're mad at your mom
Why you believe that the entire world is out to get you
The time you and your friends had a Warhead (confectionery) eating contest and how you won and afterwards your toung hurt becuase you ate to many
The dump you took last night that you SWEAR was the biggest ever
How much you pwn on Call of duty 4:Modern Warfare
How its unfair you get pwned on Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare
The one time you got drunk and you and your best friend fooled around
How much you enjoyed the time you and your best friend fooled around
Odd phenomenons you see occur
^but you DID write this thread

delete/ban/close :dry:
sorry, TDK . . . this is another winning thread by YOU!! :o

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