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can an AMERICAN answer my question please?

One time my mom and I were at the store (I was maybe 12) and this guy had parked across THREE spaces so no one would scratch his precious car. So my mom gathered a bunch of shopping carts and surrounded his car, each one just barely touching it. I would have loved to see him come out and freak

:woot: I love that idea... I would steal it, except to get a cart at my local shopping mall I have to deposit a quarter.
This may sound really stupid but I am wanting to know an answer to the following.........

In australia we call shopping carts, Trolleys ok.........and the people who collect the trolleys left in the car parks of supermarkets and malls are usually called "Trolley boys" What do you Americans call the ones who collect your shopping carts left in the car pars of your supermarkets and malls ?

If anyone could help it would be appreciated..............


We call them Mexicans.

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