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Cat caught sneaking cell phone and saw into prison

"It's tough to find out who's responsible for the action as the cat doesn't speak"

That's what they think. :argh:
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Yeah, that does suck for them that he happened to be one of those non-speaking cats.
why didn't they just follow the cat and see where it would go?
I think we ALL know who the true mastermind behind this is...

Clearly this is the work of Tard. An evil is stirring on the horizon....
Poor cat. :( Tape on cats = sadness.

And what a dumb plan, since unless the cat lives in the prison, there would be no reason for the cat to search out any particular cell. Unless someone snuck in a can of wet cat food first.

Obviously the police should search the cells for any contraband cat food. :hehe:
I don't know. IF it had of worked, whoever came up with it would be an effin' genius....then get caught at their girlfriends house a block away from the prison. :o
Further proof that cats are born criminals, beasts born from hellfire and sadness.

Apparently it also had a mini drilll strapped to its back with tape.


Poor cat. :( Tape on cats = sadness.

Put tape on a cat's paw, and watch it highstep. Tape on cats = hilarious.

I kid, I kid, no, but seriously, dogs rule, cat's suck.

-Voice of Morgan Freeman narrating-
It would be months before Fading realized what he had unleashed that day. The war of cat, and dog lovers. The casualties. If only he had it to do all over again he would have done things differently. He would have said....."Cat's are just awful, and smell funny, screw them. Dog's are so totally awesome in comparison!"
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