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The Dark Knight Chinatown or Hong Kong?

the GRIN Reaper

Jan 7, 2008
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Ok, so far we have a few facts:

- TDK shot scenes in Hong Kong
- Chinatown is reffered to in quite a few instances in the Gotham Times paper that was released back in December.

W/o getting into story spoilers, I'm asking ... are we going to see Batman in actual Hong Kong? Why? I'd have no idea. Or is the filming that took place in Hong Kong supposed to represent the size and dynamic of Chinatown within Gotham City?

For those of you that don't live in a major city, it is widely known that Chinatowns are usually one of the seediest parts of town. After 10:30 in any major American city, Chinatowns throw up the scum of the earth onto the streets. Prostitutes, Pimps, Dealers, Asian Gangs, Muggers, all help make for a disgusting scene mixed with beautiful but intimidating chinese architecture and over crowded ghettos that are house in Chinatown. Definetely a great place for potential Batman scenes.

Reason I'm conflicted is b/c we have been given conflicting reports. We know they filmed in HK ... and in one description it says Batman expands his crime fighting across the world to HK. And I just didn't see that as feasible given the structure of the movie and the story they're telling. Did they mean in terms of the movie's production? Maybe it will make sense when we see the film, if he is indeed in HK ... but I get the feeling that the scenes filmed in HK are doubling for what they want Gotham's massive Chinatown to look like. And it would make sense based off what we know so far. The Gotham Times refers to Chinatown multiple times, there is an advertisment for a new Chinatown resteraunt. And its said to be the home grounds of the "Chezen" mob faction that is at war with the Maroni faction and Gamble's street toughs. So ... opinions? Does anyone know for sure if in the story it is HK or Gotham's Chinatown? And if you can explain could you do so by avoiding specific story spoilers.

From what I've read on the spoiler forum (I do a lot of lurking... XD) Bats does go to HK. Although, what you mentioned about Chinatown is interesting and has actually got me thinking.

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