City of Heroes/City of Villians

Pariah, I love your name. Did you make it after the game? Anyways, my PC is crap but this guy here called "Kingpin" can't get enough of this game and I think he's your man.
It's pretty funny too seeing what people come up with. Take a look at this screenshot


I donno, but I hope it comes to Live...
Originally posted by Pariah
Are any of you in the beta test? but I would love to try it before it comes out....:o
The Clause? :D Oh that's priceless.
Originally posted by DACMAN
The Clause? :D Oh that's priceless.
..bad place i know what he does on his time off:D
I put the mode in first person, so you could see it better. I am Felsbarrikade, you can see me in the chat window. The game comes out the 28th I believe. Pre-order beta invites already ended, but you can still try and sign up for open beta on If anyone gets in holla at me at Felbarrikade :)

I'll post a pic of my kickass character in a sec :o
Yeah, I can also get rock weapons(i.e, a stone mallet), but I chose super strength instead.
i think the game comes out on april 27, but i was told that it is about 15 dollars a month like star wars galaxies
So what do you do? Fight other heroes?
No, I think you just do missions together and !!!!.
I think it would have been sweet if you could choose whether you'll be a good guy, or bad guy.

Imagine being a bad guy, and gaining experience/money/etc for robbing banks. Being able to fight against the "good guys" who play this game.

You could team up with other bad guys, to take on other Hero Teams.

It would multiply the possibilities of this already awesome game greatly!

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