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Crushes started or ended with a dream.

Deep Thinkin'!

show meh dem fangs
Apr 16, 2006
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Last year, I was flirting with this dude, but one night I had a dream of him, and from that day on, I hated his guts, because of something he did in my dream. I can't get over it either. I still hate him. :)

Last night, I dreamed of me and my best guy friend getting together. He's like my best buddy and now I realized he's actually got a decent butt. :up:

I talk to him everyday about everything, and never thought of him anymore than a friend.

Damn teenage hormones. :cmad:

Oh well, it was a fun dream. :o:up:
Yeah this has happened to me a few times. I'd have a dream about either someone I knew as a friend or just someone I've seen in school but never really paid attention to. Yet for some reason I found myself more interested in them after the dream. Though it sucks when you see that reality the person is much more different than the dream.

And I've never hated a person from something in a dream, but I do look at them differently and wonder if they're really capable of doing what they did in the dream.
The dream that made you like the guy, makes sense.

The dream that made you hate the guy, makes none. Frankly it's a little crazy.
I'm a little crazy, so it actually makes sense to me. :)

It's going to be odd the next time I see this dude.... gonna be fun though. Ha.
I hate having dreams that involve people I know. Cause if they're good dreams with guys I like, it sucks when you wake up and realize that it wasn't real.
Interesting story...I've had the opposite happen.
I had a dream that a girl I liked in junior high got pregnant by some other dude that was somewhat of a bully to me during my stint in school. Freud would have had a field day with that one.
I made a thread like this one time. Everyone made fun of me. Especially Terry, I think. What a buttface.
Haha DT, you're a trip. Your teenage hormones will soon make you have much more elaborate dreams than those :o
Haha DT, you're a trip. Your teenage hormones will soon make you have much more elaborate dreams than those :o

Damn, quit trying to turn the innocent girl into a freak. :o
I had a dream about Bumblebee this morning, my crush remains the same. :o
I had a dream that my girlfriend was cheating on me with a friend of mine that I introduced her to. After the dream the relationship went down hill, but we are still good friends.
I've never had a crush on someone and had a dream and stopped liking them but I have had the opposite where I didn't like someone and then I had a dream and started liking them

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