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Damn Applesauce!

Put it in the microwave with a fork.
hit the edges with l knife, all around...
Or get a wet rag and open it with that :o

OR! hit the bottom of the jar with your palm a couple of times, and then try :o
hit the edge of the lid, like all around in a circle...with a knife,
Originally posted by Rasputin
I slapped the bottom and it opened. Go Quietstorm!

YAY! Teach that jar a lesson..er.. I mean... :o :D
The best way to open a jar is to bang it on a counter or something. Hard. And the noise of the banging is really just an added bonus.

Rasputin should have known this. Everybody should know this. And now you do.
Look at the date again. It was made almost a year ago
On a related note, i've rediscovered my love for applesauce.
It's definitely good stuff. Now I want some.. but I don't think I have any.
Dew k. Mosi said:
Look at the date again. It was made almost a year ago

Hmm and still can't open it? ;)

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