DC cover conspiracy


May 7, 2006
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I've been noticeing that the covers have been more sticky and get kinda smudged when I hold the comics in my hand and read them. Its never happend before. WTF Has anybody else noticed this? Is this a conspiracy to get people to buy more comics from them? I've noticed my Wizards covers have been like this too. Also, now that the price is raised on comics, I think they should all get the Green Lanter treatment. Which is shiny covers.:up:
I agree about the shiny covers, and I've smudged the covers on comics before... I've just learned to be more careful. It sucks when it happens, though, and you got a finger print on your comic.
I put a plate of toast ontop of my Civil War #1 and managed to hear inprint the bottom ring of the plate into the cover. Like a watermark.

Not that I care, I've read it and the covers are hardly interesting. Ohh half a page of white.
i agree about the shiny cover thing due to the price increase.

it's crazy in australia, it costs me $4.50 for a comic that is $2.99 US, i'm going broke :(
I don't usually hold my comics. I usually lay them down on a table or my lap and carefully thumb through them. Otherwise, I keep them bagged. But I do agree, it's a little frustrating that they're so thumb print-attractive.
I browse a lot in the shop and I've noticed that holding my bunch of comics in the same hand tends to lead to wrinkles around where my fingers are. I've started periodically shifting hands while I'm in the shop. It's kind of lame.
Yes. I hate these covers. Everyone was *****ing about IC #6 not having the glossy cover - hell, I liked the change!

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