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DeadPool sins of the past

Rick Roll'd

Nov 24, 2007
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How many of you have read it? I was on ebay and I saw listings for it as high as 200 bucks for it what makes this comic so good?
so I just won a bid for it for 35 dollars gonna see how it is. The reason for it being so much was because of the Limited print it only printed so many should be here by friday.
The 4 parter right?
From what? '94 I think?
Or was Circle Chase '94 and Sins of the Past '93?

They were both pretty good though.
You should enjoy it, for what it is ('90's comic)
Circle Chase was first (with by Joe Mad and Fabian Nicieza) and then Sins of the Past (by Mark Waid and Ian Churchill). The reason it's so expensive was because it was a very low print run, done years before trade paperbacks were common, so it's kind of hard to find. The back issues, however, are not, and you probably could have got all four issues for $10-15. Since it was an early trade, it also doesn't have the greatest binding int he world. At least you didn't pay more.
yeah i thought that was the case it is the mark waid run 2 others i bidded on went as high as 112 dollars so I thought it was good.

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