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Detailed story for Joker in BB2 please read and reply.


Jun 24, 2005
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Ok as ive been thinking this over "only for the past hour" this is gonna take a bit to write therefore im gonna post it on more than one room, so I can get more replies.

Anyway this is my idea id like for BB2 I have only gone into detail to do with the joker only. Like a said these are my ideas and im not saying that I know the plot and that this will definatley happen.

Theres no reason to truly critise me as Im just Batman Fan like many others that would like to see a good BB2 film. I know some of you may not like the ideas but eveyone had different opinions.

If these ideas were to be used in a film I think it would be rated a 15 or 18 in the Uk and i dont know what it is in USA I thinks its R.

Ok to start I think the film should begin (while the opening credits are going up) when Batman talks to Gordon about joker at the end of BB. This will just remind a few people and tell others that havent seen the first about that.

After that it should go to about a week later. Showing a comedian who is obviously Joker without the makeup. So hes at a real dirty, smelly club its basically where all the rough scum hang out.

So hes on stage he looks kind of wierd, not someone that looks like he has a lot of confidence and its obvious that hes been on that stage for sometime.

Hes telling these awful jokes and theres a group of rough necks at the back making fun of him and the whole club laughs at him. He ties to continue but he finally snaps and threatens them all in a sudden burst of anger, the club goes silent then the laugh again.

He walks out, and you see a few seconds later that the rough necks walk out. You see the pre-joker walking along a scum hole street and he hears hes being followed he turns around and he sees who they are (up close). Then one of them puts a bag over his body and beats him. When theyre finished they throw him into what looks like a really contaminated pond, this is where he will get his famous joker look.

I like this idea of it not being Batman that makes him who he is because it could come repetitive, it also allows a good reason why joker wants to kill everyone else to.

So from there it could cut to 5 days later. Showing the same rough necks walking into the same bar. There is another comic up there but he is hid in shadows. He tells more jokes but they arnt the same theyre all horrid and vilent ones. One of the rough necks yells at an insult.

Joker then immediatley without hesitation or aiming shoots him in the head, right away no questions asked, and he carrys on with his jokes, whilst everyone is shocked. Eventually they realise whats happend and they run away.

It then cuts to Joker walking along the same street back home where this time the rough necks friends are after him again but no have knives. They all stop but joker doesnt turn around. He turns his head so you can slightly see what he looks like and turns it back.

While the thugs yell at him he calmly pulls out a bottle and a glass out of his jacket and pours it (whilst the threats keep going). Suddenly he turns around and thows it in their faces. They die.

Then it cuts back to after Batman begins by about a week.

As in every batman there has been a story where the villain has come up with a scheme to kill every individual in gotham I suppose it will happen again, so this is my idea.

He decides he wants to kill everyone that laughed at him so he plants a bomb in that club and explodes it. He gets a great rush from this decides that if those people laughed at him other would so he begins to blow upalot of these comedian clubs.

I just thought that all the villains in the Batman films have henchmen and although im not bothered in Joker having them this would be how I would like them to be put together if he had to have them.

After blowing up several places Batman comes after him, luckily Joker escapes because Batman went to save someone. Joker knows that he cannot beat Batman and therefore he knows it is too risky for him to blow up anymore places by himslef, so he somehow gets thugs who do it.

I dont have many ideas in the middle except that somehow Joker or his thugs capture Rachael because he knows that Rachael knows who Batman is.

For the end I would like to see him asking Rachael who wont say then he goes on to actually beat her, and i mean punch her in the face hard.

I cant think of a film (or a t least a superhero film) thats done this before where the damsel in distress is actually hit.

So anyway she still wont say so it shows u Joker pick up a knife. Then it cuts to Batman somehow finding out Joker has Rachael and he heads there.

He enters this dark warehouse where Joker is clearly standing there with rachael. Then Batman stands shocked to find that Rachael is still alive but has all deep cuts in her face.

I think this next but should all be silent (no music, no talking except the laugh) and in slow mo. Batman runs towards Joker. Joker stand there and grins he takes out a gun and shoots Rachael and then runs away laughing. Batman doesnt go after Joker but goes to rachael. He holds her knowing she is dead. Then the film ends.

Joker will be in BB3 where Batman finally beats Joker.

Anyway I hope you liked some of these ideas and tell me what you think.
i'd rather have joker just be Joker, no origin, no backstory, and if they do one one, make it like in Killing Joke where joker tells different people different stories.

i like the idea of Joker killing rachel.
but from the rumours that have been going around lately, Joker is only going to have a smaller role in the sequel.

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