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Puddin' time ! Rate Leto's Joker in comparison to other portrayals.

Heath Ledger not watered down. He scariest and best Joker. Leto is worst. Just crazy boyfriend stalker who look like pimp in ugly tattoos and gold jewllery lol.

"Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. Im an agent of chaos, and you know the thing about chaos, its fair"--Heath Ledger's Joker

"You dont want no BEEF, you dont wanno beeeeeef, you dont wanno BEEEEEEEF"--Jared Leto's Joker

You know its real acting when you say the word "beef" in a regular, low and high-pitched voice.
It just felt like Leto wasn't given any clear direction. His characterization was all over the map. Very little consistency. I'm sure the hackjob that was done to his scenes played a part in that, but I'm also wondering if Ayer himself bought into the method-acting hype and gave Leto too long of a leash.

Even with all the ticks and nuances Ledger brought to the part, his performance at least felt consistent throughout that film. And I'm confident Nolan played a hand in guiding that.
Joker in Suicide Squad did nothing for me. If he hadn't been in it it would have still been the same basic movie. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, and Rick Flag made the movie for me. Without them you don't have a movie.
Oh yeah, I always knew Ledger would come out on top - there's no question of that, and never was.

But, I really wanted to hear about what folks thought about Leto - because I kind of liked what he did (he wasn't close to Ledger, but still an interesting new direction). Sounds though like most folks didn't share my enthusiasm.
I share your enthusiasm. I think the big problem for some is how much his role was changed in the editing room rather than Leto's performance.
I personally liked what I saw from Leto. It was a different interpretation and since I love the Joker so much, I enjoy seeing him in any form. I think Leto would have benefited from more screen time and a better story arc. I feel like people will get a better feel for him if he's in another movie and has more to work with.
I just feel that Nicholson was more of the classic comic book Joker come to life. His electric buzzer, the acid flower and the Joker gas really go a long way for me. They also couldn't have gotten a better actor for the role in 89.

As weird as it sounds... I think TDK is a better movie than Batman, but Batman is just my favorite movie ever. The murderous Burton Batman is a negative but despite that, it's still my favorite :) so many iconic scenes.

I can understand that. Batman '89 isn't perfect, but it was the first live-action comic book adaptation where I lost myself in its story in the same way that I could immerse myself in comic book pages. Nicholson was a big part of that.
Given the aesthetic they shot for & where Leto went for his interpretation, he is my favorite. Now, in ranking them based on the quality of there performance, I'd say he checks in around the middle of the list. Better than Romero and above Hamill for the simple fact he did more than provide a voice.

Actually, I love Hamill, but he's insanely overrated to me. Again, I love him. But, over-rate-ed.

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