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Did Green Lantern Hyperwar Have a Plot?

Bob Galt

Oct 7, 2022
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I read the Green Lantern Ultrawar (too many superlatives in this series) TPBs a couple of months ago. I enjoyed some of the ersatz Superman families, and wish we would have gotten more of them. Instead we got giant toys who talk like babies and...wtf is going on? I swear, I read every panel, and other than 'generic alien race so powerful they act like morons' that mottles every Star Trek series like a bad rash, I didn't actually observe any plot.

Also, forgot to put this in the GL subdirectory, my bad.
I tried my best to read this GL run... but somehow I got lost with the babbling leading nowhere. I dislike talking bad about something as I always feel I'm the one who didn't "get" it. But in this serie, I could not understand what I was reading. I read it a second time, faster, without trying to analyse the slightest thing, at first it was fine andit worked well and toward the beginning of the secondseason, I could not stand the bull****.
Too bad because I have a lot of GL stories to tell myself. But this ? This was not good.

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