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Did i predict Wolverines Future?


Dec 28, 2007
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3 years ago on another forum i wrote a fan-script for Wolverine the movie. It didnt get finished but the premises of the movie was about Wolverine's journey through canada which lead him to new orleans. I didnt think of it at the time but given the recent news on characters and locations. I'm thinking someone must of seen that script.

Basically my script was a prequel to the X-Men movie, Wolverine, has a shattered memory and a photograph of himself hugging SilverFox - There were three acts and i only managed to write one and half of them. But i remember how the story was going to go.

Act 1 - Wolverine has been tracking this mysterious "Weapon X" underground unit that currently had a training base in New Orleans... Wolverine goes there to seek out this SilverFox whom he believes to be captive by Weapon X - It is there where he meets Gambit who has shady involvements with the Directors of Weapon X but doesnt know who Wolverine is and does not support Weapon X's plans, so Gambit is portrayed as nothing more than a Hired Thief that aids Wolverine locate and infiltrate the Weapon X Project... This act ends with the discover and rescueing SilverFox - Plus Wolverines first encounter with John Wrath, Lt.Cain, Cyber and George Washington-Bridge - You also meet The Director who plays a central role in this. - Cain and Bridge are killed, Cyber is badly damaged but Weapon X regard him as dead leaving only John Wrath as the surviving member of the unit. Cyber's role was mear Cameo at best because of his involvement with wolverines life i thought save him for the future.

Act 2 - Wolverine, Silverfox and Gambit are being hunted by the Weapon X Project, They decide to go to Canada to try and find where the first base was located, However they are unsuccessful in finding it as the location was mentally blocked from all weapon x employee's by a Weapon X specialist Mesmero who does joins a more advance team weapon x lead by John Wrath, - The team includes Mesmero who doesnt normally go into the field but maybe the only mutant able to stop wolverine as mind medling is not wolverines strong point. new to the team is Wild Child a scaled down Sabertooth like character and Marrow who is said to be the next Wolverine like character - Mind Marrow has bone claws so its pre-Adimantium. Wolverine, Silverfox and Gambit have found a storage facility for Weapon X which held the failed experiments of weapon X so included wild fearl animals as in Weapon 1 and Weapon 2 to 3 out numbered they are rescued by Agent Zero - who has worked with Wolverine in the past but under another name and it was a long time ago, He is essentially Maverick but for the story he's Agent Zero who has been trying to take down The Director for some time. Before they can continue there conversation, the New Weapon X Team attaks badly injuring gambit and reavling that SilverFox still works with Weapon X and alerted them of there wear abouts. Also knowing of Agent Zero's plans that wolverine would help with The new weapon X Team kidnap Agent Zero but as for Wolverine he manages to Get hold of Gambit and escape via road vehicle. Gambit is in hosptal he is recovering and Wolverine is trying to formulate a plan Gambit informs them that he needs to take down the new orleans Weapon X facility where it is most likely they took agent zero and is the location of The Director.

Act Three - See's Wolverine returning to that facility, lots of fast action fighting, bit of stealth, He manages to find Agent Zero de-masked and a flash back memory reveals him as Maverick, He is near death. It is revealed that Wolverine, Silverfox and Maverick were part of the first strike force of weapon x. there minds were wiped by the mutant Mesmero who installed the mental block, Silverfox is not aware her past but that is down to still being under mesmero's control. The only way to retrieve his memories is to kill mesmero, and bring down the Director so that the weapon x - project would be shut down. Wolverine succeedss in doing sos after fighting one on one with Silverfox and killing mesmero in the proccess freeing Silverfox's mind however The Director Kills her with a single bullet. he shoots wolverine a few times but he can survive the attack and slits The Directors throat the building goes into destruction mode with wolverine left inside. After its destruction wolverine emerges from the ashes then passes out. He later awakes on a pull out bed in a caravan that is driving along the motorway, Gambits driving and stops at a bar makes a comment about healing and that he should do bar room fights to raise some extra cash.

This is how it which leads up to Wolverine in the bar in alberta. And why he has a Caravan. To explain Gambits absence in the first x-men movie, Gambit was in that bar although not in camera, he was unaware of the fight that occured where wolverine had to make a sharpe exit. Not wanting to put Gambits life in danger he decides to leave without him. But didnt expect Rogue to sneak onboard.

If any of those elements happen in thos movie... then they must of read my script.
At a quick glance, that sounds a decent story, mixing comicbook and movie realism. No Sabretooth in your story though and it seems a bit random that Weapon X are based in New Orleans (why? Does Stryker love jazz!?). I hope they didn't 'steal' your story ideas for the movie. But if you're somehow involved with the movie and trying to give us a clue, then please let me know! :word:
I figure Weapon X could be located anywhere as they probably have to move around alot there an underground testing facility, I mean the New Orleans base may have been just one of many weapon x facilities but for the duration of the movie. This was because i thought a Wolverine/Gambit team up as they have done before in the comic books might of been a good way to introduce Gambit.

Im not involved with Fox - But this was just a post i did back in 2005 gotta find the forum i posted it on. Only half of my script was written but this was the overal idea which i probably told people anyway.

I deliberatly chose not to put Sabretooth into the story because in the movieverse it wouldnt work having Sabretooth part of the weapon x history yet in X-Men 1 they didnt know who each other was. I mean they could of both been brainwashed but still. The way i see it, Wolverines origins is simular to the Origin comic book where he was part of a rich family sabertooth was his half brother. But then the two split ways, Wolverine went towards weapon x then x-men where as sabertooth probably was a rogue mutant until he was found by magneto...
if fox would go here and steal ideas we would wind up with better comic movies from them.
if fox would go here and steal ideas we would wind up with better comic movies from them.

Ha. It's funny though, about three or four years ago in one of the fan art sections, I remember some of us were doing drawings of the "realistic" movie versions of characters. I drew a juggernaut picture back then that, when I look at it now, looks almost identical to the way they had Juggernaut in X3. I doubt anyone at Fox actually saw the picture, but it's funny to think about things like that.

Actually my Wolverine movie actually featured a cameo of sabretooth leading to Wolverine 2 which would explain the complex nature of there relationship.
that is wierd. nothing like that ever happens to me

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