Did You Play A Sport In High School?

basketball until my Freshman Year... that's all you get.
I played basketball freshman year and then switched over to track because ball took up wayyy too much of my time.:down
Marching Band.

Don't tell me that's not a sport, either.
Soccer, basketball and tapdatass. Oops...is that a sport?
A friend convinced me into joining cross country this year.

never again.
Football and Track all four years.
I played in middle school till girls took up my time in high school. So I became a cameraman for the basketball team:o
Did you make letter in varsity in high school? :o
Fran said:
Did you make letter in varsity in high school?

I was the envy of the entire student body.
Football-Freshman, Soph, Junior, Senior
Wrestling-Junior, Senior
I wanted to play football but they wouldn't let me try out, coach said something about problems to my boobs if I got hit hard enough. So I just trained with the fellas like I was going to. :heart:
bowling... yes i know its not a "sport" but i lettered in it and we won state last year

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