Digimon Xros Wars continues!

this is essentially being counted as the seventh series much in the the new line of Beyblade shows are series 4,5, and 6 even though they're not starting over episode counts.


Following the finale of Digimon Xros Wars (Episode 54) comes the next chapter in the franchise . . . Digimon Xros Wars! This is basically Xros Wars' 02 and so far seems that Taiki and Yuu will be the only returning human characters. The new characters from right to left are Ren Tobari with Dracmon, Tagiru Akashi with Gamudramon, Airu Suzaki with an unknown Digimon, and Ryouma Saijou with Psychemon.

The series begins October 2nd, Riku Sanjou will stay on as head script writer.

The digimon in the pink middle area is a Opossumon

On the US side Xros War's series 1 American name was trademarked in July 2010

If it does come to America it will be called "Fusion Battles"
So they are doing a "02" with Xros Wars amd have an Veemon clone to as the main digimon?

Also where is the English Dub already?!
I loved Digimon growing up, I was so into it. Looking back on it, it wasn't that bad a show, much better than Pokemon. The characters in Digimon actually grew up (not just physically but mentally). Whereas in Pokemon, Ash has stayed a moron and a crappy trainer.

New image.

Can't read much right now, but we get a decent idea of what kind of character the new blue Digimon is. "Leave it to me!" seems to be his catch phrase and his name is Gamudramon, gamu probably derived from "gamushara" which means "reckless".

Ryouma (with Psychemon) and Ren (with Dracmon) are boys.
Psychemon is a Rookie Level Reptile Digimon that looks extremely similar to Gabumon but is differently colored. His claws are green, his fur is extremely light blue with violet stripes and his main body is light red. Psychemon's name comes from psychedelia.

I hate it when they just re-colour old digimon to make new ones. That's just lazy.
Digimon Xros Wars ended today with episode 54 but the story start's a new chapter next week

October 2nd Japan time

Digimon Series Seven - Digimon Xros Wars: the Hunting Boys Running Through Time

The new series will continue the episode number with episode 55

Preview at the end of this week's episode


Continuing from Xros Wars the digimon will still Xros with each other.

Series 7 will have the new digimon and Shoutmon returning.

This time the digimon will reach their Adult/Champion level THEN Digi Xros
Xros hunter clips.

There's so much foreshadowing in the opening credits!





Gumdramon evolves to Arresterdramon

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Digimon Xros Wars: The Boy Hunters Who Leap Through Time!

Episode one/Digimon Xros Wars episode 55 subbed. Just look for the group "Wild bunch"
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That's not really a safe thing to be posting.

Also I'm still waiting on the dubs, please just tell me when they will be bringing this to the English speaking folks.
Beelzemon joined the mafia?:huh:

I did like how Digimon seasons 1-3 did more mature story arcs than pokemon for the most part. I haven't really seen any past Tamers.
4. was crap
5. was okay

For me I rate them thusly
Used to love Digimon, really enjoyed the series, only seen seasons 1-3 all were pretty good, but will also like season 1 the best.
Season 1 & 2 are the only one's I watched in full. Great series (at least for those two seasons).

I've heard S.3 was good too but I only saw portions of it. Looked leagues better than everything after it thats for sure.
Season 1 & 2 are the only one's I watched in full. Great series (at least for those two seasons).

I've heard S.3 was good too but I only saw portions of it. Looked leagues better than everything after it thats for sure.

For an anime targeted at children, Season 3 did a wonderful job with the "Break the Cutie" trope. Also the big bad of the Season was more or less the Digiworld equivalent of an Eldrich Horror.:awesome:
Xros Wars 2 will feature the return of a classic character


Taichi Yagami (Taichi Kamiya in English), the main character in the first Digimon Adventure television anime series, will return on January 8. However, he will appear as a new and powerful foe. Taichi was one of the DigiDestined who saved the Digital World before.
Okay that really messes up the whole thing. So Xros Wars somehow fits into S1 and S2 cannon? And Tai is evil now?

PS. When will there ever be a dub?!
It sounds like Xros Wars will be bringing back familiar characters but with different personalities/quirks

Basically alternate versions of old characters but now as Digimon hunters

I guess this is like comic books and re-branding characters


"As hunter, their battle has gotten into intensify, a brand new rival has appears!
That is the heroes from another parallel world!! What's the true meaning of them participate in these battles?

Yagami Taichi:
One of the chosen children that saved the Computer World(Digital World)"
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Tai being evil will be interesting, I think.
I'm only really interested if we ever get a dab!

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