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Digimon pretty sweet show, especially the original jap. show.


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Jan 25, 2003
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I was a fan of Digimon when it use to air here in America, but then it got canceled and Frontier can be found on ABC Family. But anyway I been watching Frontier(season 4) in original japanese with english subtitles and it's pretty sweet.(From what I hear disney butcher the show, I don't know) The character aren't 2-dimensional or flat, the monsters are pretty sweet, and the fights are cool to watch. And I like the mythos that accompanies the show. Any other digimon fans out there?
Canceled? It wasn't canceled, Frontier just ended about mid 2004 from what I understand.

I also like Digimon. The characters are indeed not flat, which is pretty groovy. There is one thing I cannot stand, though. The fans seem to find some deep meaning to the show, which I've just never understood... it's always just been a fun show to me, without any deep meaning to it.
There kind of is at least in the Jap. version and from what I understand the american version is pretty butchered :(
i was a fan. Especially in Season Two when the me and the villian had the same name (ken)...that was awesome.
I hated how in SEason 2, the digimon were so weak, I mean in Season 1 we had WarGreymon!!!! :D
season 1 was my favorite. Season 2 was good too just not as good....went downhill after that.
i dunno about downhill for me...i though Season 3 was pretty good. I never saw much of Season 4 because they took it away from Saturdays and put it on weekdays..it had a Three thirty time slot which is when i get out of school..it was over by the time i got home.
well season three was...entertaining to me.
I'm on episode 16 of Season 4, I have the complete series original japanese audio and subtitled in english it kicks a ton of ass but it's really different from seasons 1 and 2. From what I understand Seasons 1 and 2 is it own time line, Season 3 is another alternate timeline and Season 4 is an alternate time line.
I hated Digimon...

I don't know why, but I couldn't get into it...

Kind Like Code Lyoko now...

What the Fuc*k is that>?!?
The only episodes that I actually liked about the show was when this evil clown like digimon appeared.I'm not sure what his name was though
I liked how the bunny one from Season three, the one with gatling gun arms would toss his bandolier around his back and it would whip around and click in place in front of his chest. That was hot. :o
I like the Jap.one and all the US ones up except the last season.
The fourth season is pretty bad ass :o SPIRIT EVOLUTION!
I was 9 when digimon came out. i was pretty hardcore fan. Season 1 was good. SEason 3 was cool with the card stuff and the real world. Very original. I didnt see much of SEason 4, but it was pretty interesting.
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan on seeing it and the other 6 movies really soon.
Movies205 said:
I hated how in SEason 2, the digimon were so weak, I mean in Season 1 we had WarGreymon!!!! :D

****,Akumon was better than some of the **** they had in Series 2.Pyramidmon?THey could do better than that.And Series 3 kicked major amounts of ass.I mean,when they were all doing the little swipe thing,and Henry did his little thing...I was in awe:up:
Shadow_Crawler said:
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I plan on seeing it and the other 6 movies really soon.

other 6? There is more then just the first one?
A new CGI movie came out about Digimon called X-Evolution :o
I always thought Digimon was a rip off of Pokemon, hint why they always say "mon" at the end

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