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Discussion: The DEMOCRATIC P - Part 3

Now we're falling apart like them. :( Not good.

No, this is a good thing. That bill is a bunch of GOP policies. When it was being used as a bargaining chip for Ukraine aid, I understood going forward with it. But bringing it back is just another attempt to hammer the GOP as being ineffective and just tools of Trump.
Hillary Clinton on why women didn't support her like they're supposed to:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reflected on her 2016 presidential campaign, saying in a recent interview that female voters deserted her in the last days of the campaign because she was “not perfect.”

“They left me because they just couldn’t take a risk on me, because as a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect,” Clinton said in an interview with The New Times, published Saturday.

She lost because she represented and defended the status quo.

That is a risk for the Democratic party, as they represent what Barbara Ehrenreich termed "the professional managerial class" in her seminal 1977 essay. These are people who do not necessarily own the means of production, but are privileged because they are tasked with the cultural reproduction of capital: academics, lawyers, media, the permanent bureaucracy, artists, and other white collar professionals. It is difficult for these people to see the failings of the system as they benefit from the system.

Trump's campaign was and is "the system is failing" which simultaneously resonates with a lot of people while leaving the other people thinking "huh? What? The system is working great what is he even talking about???"

History is repeating itself.

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