Do you know the difference between a Transformer and a Gobot

They also lack those wicked fur shorts like Masters of the Universe had.
I wonder how many children ripped into their Birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah gifts expecting a Transformer and being disappointed finding a f'ing Go-Bot there?

Two of the coolest Gobot products were only cool because they weren't really Gobots at all. The two "Gobot" model kits below that are supposed to be Leader-1 and Cy-kill are actually repainted vehicles from Third Generation Robotech (AKA: "Mospeada" in Japan). I remember stumbling across these kits at K-Mart and squealing like a girl because up until then there had been no toys available in the US from Mospeada.

And no, I didn't have much of a social life back then. :csad:


Transformers didn' have ******ed names. Although Leader-1 is also the name of Megatron's old minicon...
Ironically named of course. Cy-Kill actually showed up recently in a Transformers Dreamwave ongoing (before it's cancellation) showing Megatron defeating him in Gladatorial combat.

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