Do you pee standing up or sitting down?


Standing up
Depends on whether or not I have other business to attend to.
I don't pee. Pee is what 5 year old's do.

I piss because I'M A MAN. :BA

And I do it sitting down.

I stand up and aim when I just have to pee, and I don't see the point in standing up to pee and sitting down to poo in one toilet session.
I pee standing up & whenever I have other business besides that, I take a seat.
If its just a piss I stand but no messes are made because my aim has been pretty true for 25 or so years now.
I commend you for trying to weed out the females on the board. It won't work, but I commend the effort.
I know for a fact that it's wrong to sit down on a toilet to pee, based on this personal experience. The one time I tried to do it, the guy at the Home Depot plumbing department started yelling and screaming all sorts of bad things. :(
It feels strange taking a seat just to pee.
OP, if you want to pee sitting down... you don't need to start a poll just to justify what you really want to do... just do it. Do it, and embrace it. Print it on a shirt. You might get some action.
I stand cause that's the only way I can piss in the tank.

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