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Doctor Strange movie costume fanart and discussion


Apr 8, 2002
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Well Since they are doing movie of Doctor Strange with a possible cameo in Thor: Dark World to introduce him, what type of costume should they do for the sorcerer supreme? Should they try to do the classic look with the cape or should they do the trench coat style? Or should they try something completely new and different for the film? What do you think they should do?
Well, I am a complete traditionalist arguing for a giant humanoid Galacticas, a purple Hawkeye so I would have to say I would lobby for the comic version of Stephen Strange. I've always like the masked version from the early 70s, but that's not practical. But the blue shirt with the loose sleeves, orange-ishGloves with the yoga pants would suffice. I can see the Cape being toned down especially above the shoulders. But basically the comic book version.

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