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Does anyone have a GPS navigation system?


Nov 30, 2004
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I'm horrible with directions(especially when I'm out of state)and I was thinking about getting one of these navigation systems for my car,probably from Best Buy. If anyone here has one,do you think it's worth the money and does it really work well? My brother told me about how his friend has one and how great it works. He said the voice on the system gives you perfect directions and it's pretty much impossible to get lost.It sounds worth the money.
Any advice from you guys would be great. :yay: What is your opinion and what do you think?
My dad bought one for his car a few months ago, and he swears by it. He's looking for a new car now, and he won't buy one if it doesn't have a navigation system in it (though he doesn't seem to get that he can take the handheld one out of his current car and put it in his new car without paying an extra $1500 :whatever:)
Well, I don't think they're perfect. People that had them and were looking for my street had a hard time finding it. The movers had a hard time finding my new address with it, they were going to follow me but just in case they lost me they wanted to have it in their system.

I still want to get one, for when I travel. Someday when the price goes the **** down.

My girlfriend has a Garmin and I have a Tom Tom.
My brother got one for Christmas. He likes it a lot but sometimes it tells him to make a turn after he has already done so. But other than that it's pretty cool.
My dad bought one for his girlfriend and I've seen it in action...highly recommend them :up:
The voice can be annoying but it beats getting lost.
I have one and it's great. We did a lot of research and in the US the better ones are tom tom and garmin.
Personally it saves a lot of time instead of messing around with a map, another good quality that people have forgotten is that if you miss a turning it will relocate you to the destination or ask you to do a U-Turn.

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